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Exclusive interview with Mirko Di Natale: ‘Allegri strongly believes in young playersʼ




  • Exclusive with Mirko Di Natale

Being a journalist is not easy, especially when your work is to report everything that happens inside one of the best clubs in the world. Mirko Di Natale, from radio bianconera and and one of the most reliable journalist writing about Juventus, spoke to Max Statman in an exclusive interview about several topics related to the club.

Max Allegri is certainly a topic that generates a lot of discussion at Juventus. Many people reported that Allegri and Ronaldo did not have a good relationship, and that the italian manager would have been one of the reasons Ronaldo left Juventus. However, according to Di Natale it is not true at all:

 “Relations between Allegri and Ronaldo were cordial, I have never had any other information other than this. Allegri, by the time he returned to Juve, already had a precise idea of ​​the work to be done, it must be remembered that Ronaldo (and his agent) had already been looking around since March to understand if there was real possibility of leaving Juve. The rest is all a consequence”.



Still talking about the current Juve manager, Di Natale explains that the relationship between Allegri and the young players is far from what many people think, in truth, the Italian has a great confidence in the youngsters, although he believes they need to develop until they reach the Juventus level:

 “Allegri strongly believes in young players, but it is not the coach who risks putting an 18-year-old with no experience on the pitch. He explained it himself: the young player must follow a path and then return to Juventus with the right experience.”

Lastly, Di Natale shared his views on De Ligt’s complicated situation and how important Mino Raiola will be in his decision to stay or leave Juventus:

 “I think that regardless it will all depend on de Ligt. For me it will be essential to understand what he wants to do. We know that there is a €150M clause that will be activated this summer, we also know that Raiola will meet Juve to talk by Matthijs. I don’t know what the future holds, but for Juve he was one of the only two not to be sold in the last transfer market. “



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