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Exclusive interview with Mirko Di Natale: ‘Juventus need a great striker’




Juventini around the world have been trying to figure out what is wrong with the Bianconeri this season. Instead of giving our own opinion, Max Statman spoke exclusively with Mirko di Natale, journalist of and Radio Bianconera. He gives his opinion on the current situation and looks ahead to the January mercato.

The transfer window is starting soon. What players are most likely to get sold?


“I think Ramsey is het player with the best chance of leaving Juventus in January. The meeting that took place a few weeks ago between Juve and his agent Baldwin served just that. If good offers arrive, even Arthur and Kulusevski would not be excluded from this discourse.”

If you were Cherubini, what would you do in January?

“Luckily I have another job and I’m not Cherubini. In my opinion, Juventus need a great striker. The 25 goals scored in 18 games are too few, you need a player capable of scoring with great continuity.”


Is buying Vlahovic a dream or could it be reality?

“It’s not reality, but not even a dream. For now, it is halfway through. Even the walls know the interest that Juventus has for Vlahovic, we know of an agreement which, however, at the moment, does not mean that he will go to Turin 100%. I think Juve will try to buy him next summer.”

Juve’s problem

The first half of the season hasn’t gone the way Juventus would’ve wanted. What has been the main problem?


“It is difficult to answer this question well. Juventus have missed too many games that were within reach, in moments of difficulty they seemed to lack the character of nine titles in a row. Allegri, who in my opinion is not faultless, is using time to build a new mentality. The hope is that from January onwards Juve will be solid again as in the past.”

You said that Allegri isn’t faultless. Was it a good move to bring him back?

“Yes, for me yes, but Allegri is used to managing a group of champions. In this Juve there are more young players than champions, so the coach will have to be good at putting them at ease. It’s my hope, because the refoundation of the club passes precisely to the younger players.”


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Jurre van Wanrooij is a writer and lead match analyst for Max Statman. He was born and raised in The Netherlands, where he still lives. He is studying journalism and that’s why he joined Max Statman, so that he could develop his writing. Apart from Juventus, he also support PSV Eindhoven, the club closest to his home. The goal is to give you guys the best information about Juventus in English and be as reliable as possible.