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Moise Kean in the spotlight: VAR room audio reveals controversy in Juventus vs. Verona match




In a match filled with excitement and tension, Juventus faced Verona in a Serie A showdown that will be remembered not only for its intensity on the pitch but also for the controversies that unfolded in the VAR room.

Juventus secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Verona, with Andrea Cambiaso emerging as the hero by scoring a dramatic last-second goal.


However, two crucial moments involving Moise Kean, who has been a prominent figure for Juventus, came under scrutiny. The VAR room’s audio clips provide a unique insight into the decision-making process that ultimately led to the disallowance of two goals.

The first goal controversy

The first of these incidents occurred when Moise Kean found the back of the net.

In the audio, we hear, “If I go back by one (frame), it’s good. If I use the system, it shows offside, yes, on Kean. The player is in an offside position at the start.”

First goal ruled out due to offside

The decond goal drama

The second controversial incident featured Kean once again, but this time the focus was on his interaction with a Verona player.

The audio clip captures the discussion, “Look at how Kean handles the Verona player… It’s a foul… This is a push, darn it. It’s a hand to the face, for me, it’s a foul.”

TURIN, ITALY – OCTOBER 28: Moise Kean of Juventus clashes with Davide Faraoni of Hellas Verona in the lead up to a challenge that would subsequently reviewed on the VAR monitor by the Referee Ermanno Feliciani resulting a second disallowed goal for the striker during the Serie A TIM match between Juventus and Hellas Verona FC at on October 28, 2023 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images)

VAR controversy continues to spark debates

VAR has increasingly become a source of controversy among football pundits and fans. The meticulous review of incidents and the fine margins by which decisions are made can lead to debates that reverberate far beyond the final whistle.

Pundits and fans often find themselves dissecting each frame, each angle, and each call, leading to discussions that extend well beyond the confines of the stadium.

While VAR undeniably serves the purpose of reducing human error and ensuring a fair playing field, it introduces an element of subjectivity, leaving room for differing interpretations of the same incident.

As a result, what is intended to be a solution for improved officiating sometimes becomes a talking point in its own right.The VAR system’s meticulous review of these incidents underscores the complexities involved in decision-making in football.

Each frame and movement is examined in detail, and officials aim to ensure the fairness and accuracy of their judgments. As the Serie A season unfolds, fans can anticipate more moments of drama, VAR interventions, and lively discussions surrounding the use of technology in the sport.