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Morata on criticisms: ‘No one is perfect’




Alvaro Morata has said that everyone is on pressure after Cristiano Ronaldo departure, in an interview with El Pais. He also said about the unhappy moment, from the point of view of performances, that he is experiencing at Juventus.

“I was out for almost a month and for the rush to return I came back without being physically at my best. I had to work a lot for the team and I was not lucid to score. I played on the left side of the last few games, almost covering the wing,” said Alvaro Morata.

“The important thing is to play and do what the coach asks. Obviously I would like to play better and score more goals. Before the injury I was fine and it was difficult for me to return.”

On his role and Juventus


“I play where it is necessary, in Serie A we are not experiencing a good period, but there is a great group. It is very difficult to get to the top, but we did it before. All we have to do is be objective, forget the things that cannot be done and look for before entering the Champions League area and then look forward.”

More pressure after Cristiano farewell?

“We are all under pressure. Since I am on loan, it may be that people talk and look at me more, but when you are not the master of your destiny, the only thing you can do is work.”

On whistles:


“It’s unpleasant for anyone. Family or friends try to take away your regret and make you feel good by saying ‘they didn’t boo you, they didn’t like the change …’. I always tell him: ‘Imagine my cousin working at a gas station if they started whistling and insulting him because he ran out of gas.’ There is no one perfect, we are not machines, I know what is required of me here. Whether they criticize me or boo me can’t make me angry, even if it bothers me, but there are things that don’t have to go on, like the hatred that shows itself. It is not a good education, I have seen children with parents with angry faces and that is what their child later learns. However, I think something is changing, that people are realizing that there are limits. Inside the field they can insult me.”

Criticism in Spain?

“I am no longer 20 years old, I cannot worry about these things, I have children, a woman and I have to teach him that you have to go on even if you don’t want to. It was really very difficult because I was in the room and whatever I did I received messages, the press does not tell you. At the end you get messages like: what a bastard, look what this guy said about you … It’s complicated, the luck I had is that I had companions who didn’t look like “they’re killing him”, I was one of the group.”

If Bianconeri want to keep Alvaro Morata they’ll have to pay €35m to make his move permanent in the summer. But according to the reports, Juventus are unwilling to pay the entire fee to keep him and have already begun talks with Atletico Madrid to lower their economic demands.


Morata has scored four goals in 14 appearances across all competitions this season.

Credit: Tuttojuve and Footballitaia