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Opinion: After being embarrassed by Napoli, this loss could seal Allegri’s fate

Max Statman



The 5-1 loss to Napoli was not only a significant defeat for Juventus, but it also highlighted some of the team’s shortcomings and weaknesses. The team’s defense was exposed, and they were unable to deal with Napoli’s attacking play. They were also unable to create many scoring opportunities and were outplayed throughout the match.

Additionally, the loss to Napoli was the team’s worst defeat in nearly a decade and it put them in a difficult position in the league. The defeat also came at a time when Juventus had already been struggling this season, with several poor performances and results.


Furthermore, the loss to Napoli also highlighted some of the issues that have been plaguing Juventus for some time, including a lack of tactical flexibility, a lack of a clear style of play, and a failure to effectively integrate new players into the team.

This team needs stability yes, but after tonight, it’s clear Juve’ issues are larger than we thought. Getting embarrassed like this will send shockwaves through out the entire organization, and this could be the match that makes up managements mind, hence Allegri has to go on an unprecedented run in the second half of the season, or else his second stint will go down as nothing more than a disaster.


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