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Opinion: Cornor Clancy was wrong but so was all the backlash




The virtue-signaling like merchants were out in full effect yesterday and it was gross to watch. It was almost enough for me to want to put this community in my review because nothing disgusts me more than seeing a whole community go after one person with pitchforks because of one bad take. Of course, the same situation happened to us when I made a half serious comment about me not wanting a certain player at Juventus because of his body being completely riddled with tattoos coming all the way up to his neck. Although I wasn’t fazed by the response as my tweet was very calculated, still, it was a good lesson I learned that day that if you say something a few people don’t like, it can quickly snowball into a whole thing that becomes uncontrollable, and even the so-called anti-bullying people have to get involved and have their say without them realizing they are taking part in something they speak so vehemently against.

The tweet in question was from a little known Irish journalist working the Parma beat named Conor Clancy referring to an interview conducted by IFTV’s founder Marco Messina. He was conducting a post-match interview with Milan forward and man of the match Olivier Giroud in a 1-0 win against Napoli at the Stadio Diego Maradona. The tweet read, “Sent to me by a friend in the industry without comment, but to be in this privileged position – pitchside for a top-of-the-table match – and to make your post-match interview with the scorer of the winning goal about you is an astonishing level of unprofessionalism.”


Now if you would like to know my opinion on this said tweet, here it is. I didn’t like it, although I don’t have a problem with him expressing his feelings or judging Marcos’s approach to the interview, the thing that rubbed me the wrong way was when he used the word “industry” . I  think he comes off as a bit of a snob because it gives people like me the impression that if you didn’t go to school for this, you can never be one of us and do what we do.

But having said that I still think the response was over the top to the point where you have popular Juventus YouTubers quote tweeting Clancy’s original tweet and expressing how angry they were for the opinion of one irrelevant man, so irrelevant in fact that no one would know who he was if not for the quote tweets, virtue singling and over the top reaction from people seeking the same likes and gratification from a community they belong too just like I suspect Mr. Clancy was trying to do until it, of course, blew up in his face.

I don’t think Marco needs or wants the entire Calcio community coming to his aid, and I’m sure he’s embarrassed by this unwarranted attention. He created IFTV and now works for one of the biggest networks in the world in CBS. Trust me, he’s a big boy and can handle all the smoke. I’ve had conversations with Marco and one thing I can tell you for sure is that the background noise doesn’t bother him. He will never engage in online drama, and in fact, he uses any negativity as motivation as he said when giving me advice on dealing with online backlash. So in closing, I pose this question for anyone in this community who felt the need to pile on and continue to kick a man when he was already down. If Marco Messina doesn’t care about what any of his so-called haters think, then why should any of you?

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