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Opinion: Fabio Miretti deserves Juventus’ trust




While a loan deal looms on the horizon for Fabio Miretti, writer Jurre van Wanrooij believes Juventus should give the 19-year-old a fair shot at the club next season.

Fabio Miretti is a product of the Juventus youth. The 19-year-old has been a bianconero since 2011 and has been labelled as one of the biggest talents of the Juventus youth many times. December 8th 2021 will forever be a special day for Miretti, as he made his Juventus senior debut against Malmo in the Champions League. A few months later, on the 20th of March 2022, he featured in the Serie A for the first time. My first memory of Miretti impressing me on a senior level was when he started against Venezia, near the end of the 2021/22 season. During the 79 minutes Miretti played, he thoroughly excited me with his vision and confidence. It was a spark of life in a rather uninspiring Juventus team.

Miretti remained at Juventus to fight for a spot in the squad. His performances against Roma and Spezia (gave an assist after a great run) were promising, but the turning point came soon after. In Juventus’ second Champions League fixture against Benfica, Miretti caused the penalty which led to Benfica’s 1-1. Juventus would go on to lose that match and Massimiliano Allegri’s faith in Miretti seemed to have taken a big hit. Miretti would have get less gametime, while the Bianconeri struggled with creativity from time to time, something Miretti could bring to the table. Nevertheless, the minutes he made were often from the bench.

Juventus’ disaster season ended and the club could focus on the 2023/24 season. Miretti’s presence in the squad became an uncertainty, as there were many suitors that would’ve liked to take the youngster off Juve’s hands, both on loan but also permanently.

Juventus, however, took matters into their own hands. The Bianconeri also saw Miretti’s potential and extended his contract until 2027. If his short term future still lies in Turin is yet to be determined, but Juventush have at least shown that they have identified Miretti as one for the future.

His future might still be up in the air, I think it should be at Juventus. With Di María departing the club after only one season, the Bianconeri are in desparate need of creativity. Miretti is one of the few midfielders at Juventus that could offer that.

Via DataMB

As shown in the graph above, Miretti, despite his limited minutes, manages a high percentage of key passes and ball carrying. Adrien Rabiot and Nicolò Fagioli aren’t with the squad during pre-season in the USA, so it’s the perfect chance for Miretti to shine. It’s more than likely that he’ll complete the midfield together with Manuel Locatelli and Nicolò Rovella.

Via DataMB

As seen in the graph, Miretti adds quality in the departments where Locatelli and Rovella lack, making it an interesting midfield trio. Of course, it depends on how Allegri is planning let Juventus play, but looking at the data, this midfield doesn’t have a specific weakness and could work really well. Allegri and Sporting Director Cristiano Giuntoli, however, already set their sights on another midfielder: FC Barcelona’s Franck Kessié.

Alllegri and Giuntoli are convinced that the former Milan player offers the right qualities to add to the existing Juventus midfield. While Kessié was amazing during the 2020/21 season for Milan, the 28-year-old has fallen flat a little bit in the following season.

Via DataMB

In addition to that, Kessié doesn’t really offer that much of a different profiel than Miretti. He only beats the 19-year-old in forward and key passes, and his percentage is only marginally better at the latter. Miretti is also clearly better at ball carrying. Why bring in a player from abroad when you have somebody in the squad with the qualities your team needs? Plus, Miretti is one of the most promising youngsters at the club, so he should be developed into a starter at the club eventually.

In my opinion, Fabio Miretti deserves a clear shot at Juventus, because he offers qualities not many of the current Juventus players possess. He is the future of the club and the future is now, so he deserves Juventus’ trust. His age shouldn’t stand in the way. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough, and Miretti has definetly shown his potential.

Jurre van Wanrooij is a writer and lead match analyst for Max Statman. He was born and raised in The Netherlands, where he still lives. He is studying journalism and that’s why he joined Max Statman, so that he could develop his writing. Apart from Juventus, he also support PSV Eindhoven, the club closest to his home. The goal is to give you guys the best information about Juventus in English and be as reliable as possible.

Juventus Youth

A tale of two halves: Juventus U19 vs. Empoli U19 – match report




The third league match of the season for Montero’s Under 19 team brought an exciting clash with Empoli, resulting in a 2-3 scoreline in favor of the latter.

What made this match particularly intriguing was the age difference on display. Empoli fielded six players born in 2004 from the first minute, while Juventus had an entire squad composed of 2005 and 2006 birth years.

This age gap became evident, especially in the first half, and was compounded by defensive struggles, primarily by Vinarcik, who was culpable for two of Empoli’s three goals.

At halftime, the score stood at 1-3 in favor of Empoli, with Anghelè narrowing the gap by converting a penalty, won by Pagnucco, in injury time.

The second half showcased a completely different Juventus. The team began to assert itself, showing the determination and spirit that had been lacking in the first half.

Two substitutions at halftime, Vacca and Florea, injected new life into the squad. In the 51st minute, Anghelè won another penalty, which Vacca calmly converted.

Despite maintaining control of the game, Juventus couldn’t find the equalizer, coming close in the 90th minute but ultimately falling short.

This match was a tale of two halves, where the young players redeemed themselves after a lackluster first half. Such matches serve as valuable learning experiences for these youngsters, crucial for their growth and development.

Overall, the second half performance left much to be proud of. The team deserved a draw, but sometimes, results don’t reflect the effort put in.

Juventus U19 player ratings: Vinarcik (5); Martinez (5.5), Domanico (5), Gil Puche (5), Turco (6), Ripani (5.5), Owusu (5.5), Pagnucco (6); Srdoc (5), Scienza (5); Anghelè (6).

Best Performers: Florea and Vacca
Least Impressive: Vinarcik and Domanico

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Huijsen named in Juventus Next Gen squad to face Rimini

Max Statman



The anticipation is building as the squad for tonight’s Juventus Next Gen match against Rimini at 20:45 is announced.

Dean Huijsen has been said to jump into the Juventus first team but has found himself back in the Next Gen squad for the second consecutive time.

Moreover, Nonge, who was rumored to step up to the first team following Paul Pogba’s positive doping test.

The speculation was that Nonge, with his impressive performances for the Next Gen team, would be the natural choice to fill Pogba’s shoes. However, despite expectations, Nonge remains with the Next Gen squad.

This decision by the Juventus coaching staff sheds light on their commitment to nurturing young talent rather than rushing them into high-pressure situations.

The Next Gen squad for the match is brimming with potential. Players like Cerri, Mbangula, and Guerra are also making waves in the youth ranks and are eagerly watched for their future contributions to the senior team.

Here is the full list of players called up:

Goalkeepers: Daffara, Scaglia, Fuscaldo

Defenders: Huijsen, Muharemovic, Poli, Mulazzi, Rouhi, Turicchia, Citi, Valdesi, Stivanello

Midfielders: Hasa, Nonge, Maressa, Doratiotto, Comenencia, Damiani, Salifou

Forwards: Cerri, Mbangula, Guerra, Mancini

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Juventus Youth

Juventus’ Youth revolution: Contract renewals shape the future

Max Statman



Today has been a day filled with contract renewal announcements for our Under 19 squad at Juventus.

Players Jakub Vinarcik, Ivano Srdoc, Saverio Domanico, Andriy Firman, Francesco Crapisto, and Diego Pugno have extended their contracts with the Bianconeri.

What makes these renewals even more special is that, for the last four young talents, it marks their first professional contracts, and the opportunity has been provided by Juventus themselves.

Here’s a look at the contract renewal details and expiration dates:

  • Jakub Vinarcik until 2026
  • Ivano Srdoc until 2027
  • Saverio Domanico until 2025
  • Andriy Firman until 2025
  • Francesco Crapisto until 2026
  • Diego Pugno until 2026

These young players, Jakub Vinarcik, Ivano Srdoc, Saverio Domanico, Andriy Firman, Francesco Crapisto, and Diego Pugno, have proven their worth and potential, and Juventus has decided to bet on their talent, offering them the chance to make the leap into professional football.

These renewals represent a significant step in their careers and a commitment from the club to develop youth talent.

Another noteworthy name is Alfonso Montero, a talented defender and a football legacy, who has signed his first professional contract with Juventus Under 17, lasting until 2026.

Young Montero is the son of the current coach of Juventus’ Under 19 team, adding an extra layer of significance to this signing, showcasing a familial connection in the football world.

These contract renewals are a tangible sign of Juventus’ approach to building its future.

Investing in young talent is a long-term strategy that can yield immense benefits for the club.

With these new contracts, Juventus has underscored its commitment to creating a solid foundation for future success, continuing to nurture young and promising talent.

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