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Opinion: Get ready for Dybala to play for Inter




I can’t tell you how many times I wrote articles and put out tweets in the last year about how Dybala’s agent was flying to Torino from Argentina, and either it was to negotiate or in some cases, like just last month, the ever reliable Romeo Agresti, confidently tweeting that the deal was done, and all that was missing is the signature of Paulo. And even through all that, I couldn’t help but think, that maybe Agresti was getting used by the club, to put out information that they wanted the public or even Dybala himself would think was true, to keep people happy and Paulo focused on being a professional and giving his best performance every time he was on the pitch.

But in my opinion, the club was just stalling and kicking the can down the road until they would have to finally state the obvious. Paulo Dybala will not be offered a new contract and will be free to leave and sign for any club of his choice. And if I’m correct, I expect his new club to be no other than Inter Milan. But we’ll get to that in a bit, because first comes the report that inspired this article, as after the Final, César Luis Merlo from TYS sports in Argentina reported via Twitter that “Paulo Dybala is angry with Juventus for the change of strategy on his renewal. He is now open to hearing offers from other clubs.” And this is indeed no coincidence, because after watching how tonights Final was played, I have to admit, the mentality of the team was that this is the biggest game of the season. And looking back, of course it was, A chance at a trophy against our biggest rivals in their stadium, a chance to celebrate on their pitch, and add more silverware to the collection, but thats not what happened, and to make matters worse, that can, that Juventus was kicking down the road, has finally met a dead end, and with no where else to hide and like a rat that’s cornered, Dybala by no fault of his own, is finally ready to bite back.

And if he’s feeling bitter about the situation, how can you really blame the guy? He’s been our Jewel and most beloved player for years, someone Allegri pretty much labeled as the Captain of the Club and had everyone think that our number 10 would be here for years to come and become the clubs most iconic player since Alessandro Del Piero. And if I’m correct, and Paulo feels a certain way, then he may he be serious about leaving, the problem is, I can’t see him leaving Italy, as I really believe he considers the country home, so if not Juventus, that can only leave one other club, and that of course in defending Champions, Inter Milan.

And why not, Dybala is angry and what better way to stick it to Juventus, then by signing for our biggest rival, and considering the fact that Inters Director of football is Beppe Moratta, the man who bought Dybala from Palermo when he was Juve’s director, you have to wonder, with Beppe who is never shy to sign free a agent, his love for Dybala, mixed with the players anger, then I’m sorry to tell you Juventini but we just may have the biggest shock move since Luis Figo left Barcelona for their bitter rival Real Madrid on July 24, of the year 2000. And why wouldn’t Inter do it, they are basically what we were a few years ago, winning the Scudetto has no doubt made them confident, and with the pieces in place, adding Dybala as depth in order to make Champions League push’s year after year. They certainly have the funds to it, after loans from American Banks who are seeking to take over the Club, and of course revenue generated from the sale of Romelu Lukaku for €120M to Chelsea last summer.

So what changed in the year full of negotiations and reports from sources that a deal was almost done. Well, if I had to guess it’s a number of things, but the most obvious ones has to be the emergence of Chiesa and the club willing to build around him. Also with the decline in Juve’s performance, they may feel its  time to rebuild and sign players only of a certain age, after all, Juventus CEO Maurizio Arrivabene stated in a interview near the end of last year, that the club would not be signing any players over the age of 30, Dybala still 28, will be 29 by early next season, and maybe with the recent injury spell in the last season and a half, the club feels this is the perfect time to cut ties and go in a different direction.