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Opinion: If Dybala can’t stay fit, it’s time to move on




Paulo Dybala, La Joya, The Jewel of the Bianconeri, who for the past 4 years has undoubtably been Juve’s best player, and it is for this reason that the past year and a half has been so frustrating for the player and supporters of him and the club, as when he is on the pitch, his brilliance can be easy to see, but that’s the thing, when he’s on the pitch, as that has not always been a sure thing since the start of 2020 and the begging of the COVID era.

Lingering muscle injuries seems to be the theme of Dybala in this time period of brilliance mixed with time away due to injuries, and it’s for this reason I believe Juventus management has seemed to welch on their original offer to Dybala which previous reports seem to indicate was in the 4-5 year range. But this weak word came in that Juve’s new offer would be for no more than 3 years, a sign that Juve does not want to get in a long term commitment with a player that due to injuries, has not been as reliable in previous years. Signing players to long term deals has not alway worked out for the club in the past, as we saw with Sami Khedira and now Aaron Ramsey, and it is for this reason I believe Juventus is now behaving extra cautious when throwing around money and term to players of a certain age, especially if their bodies have shown signs of breaking down in the past.


It is for this reason I believe the contract with Dybala is not yet a done deal, and at the moment I give the odds of Dybala resigning with Juventus at about 50/50. Dybala now holds all the cards because Juventus have made their proposal and there is no chance they will go back on it. Therefor the only option for Paulo is to take the deal, or find a club that will give him the 5 year long term extension that he is seeking.

Today it was reported that Dybala, back from holidays, was fit and participated fully with the group in training, which is excellent news for him, the club and Juventus supporters alike. For me though, I have to be honest, as happy as I am to see Dybala return, it’s time for him to finally stay consistently fit or I see no reason to move forward with the player in the future. As tifosi we are always complaining about over paid dead wood players, while Dybala has been great whenever he has played, in the last two seasons, he can’t seem to go on a consistent run of good form without picking up a knock. If this trend continues in 2022, Juve would be better off spending that money else where.

So for Paulo Dybala it’s now the moment of truth, stay fit and sign the contract in the next couple of months, or I’m sorry to say, it’s time to move on.

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