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Opinion: Management will look to make Dybala the “Scapegoat”. Don’t let them.




Two nights ago in Turin, Juventus and supporters of the club experienced an all to familiar theme, going out early at home for the fourth time in a row and the third time in the round of 16 against what seemed to be easy matches. But what needs to be talked about was another reoccurring theme, and that was once again when the club needed him most, in the UEFA Champions League, Paulo Dybala, the clubs vice-captain, number 10, and most talented player, was not available due to injury

In fact, Dybala has missed the last four Champions League knockouts, has played 190 minutes out of the total of 720 minutes, and has played only 12 minutes in Juventus’ last two UCL knockout matches. And it is for this reason that I have made no secret that it is time to move on from the player and the smart business decision would be to cut ties due to his muscle injuries just like Aaron Ramsey’s chronic injuries. Also like Ramsey, who is still expressing the same injury issues with his new club Rangers, I see no reason to believe that his Injury issues will stop anytime soon. Below is a list of Dybala’s injuries in just the past two seasons.

19/20 Thigh problems, 10 days, 2 games missed
20/21 Thigh problems, 47 days, 2 games missed
20/21 Muscle fatigue, 3 days, 1 game missed
20/21 Medical collateral ligament injury, 80 days, 18 games missed
21/22 Muscular problems, 27 days, 5 games missed
21/22 Muscle fatigue, 9 days, 1 game missed
21/22 Muscular problems, 23 days, 3 games missed
21/22* Thigh problems, unknown
*=current injury, unknown days, or games missed



Although I agree with management’s decision to let him go, I don’t think they should be appalled and be patting each other on their back. In fact, I see them as also using this as an excuse for their next scapegoat after the club’s latest Champions League disaster, and with Max Allegri still under contract at high wages for another three seasons after this one, don’t expect Allegri to be that guy, as he was after Juventus crashed out during Cristiano Ronaldo’s first year at the club and as Sarri was the year after that, and of course, Andrea Pirlo, who I believe was unjustly let go, but saw it coming due to his low wages. Although I believe Dybala should not be renewed and for justifiable reasons, I believe management will try to use him as this season’s scapegoat, and I’m here to say, don’t let them.

After nine straight Scudetti, during a stretch that saw the club make two Champions League Finals, things have not gone well lately for the Bianconeri, or at least not by the standards we the fans put on for the club. For me, it all starts at the top and with Andrea Agnelli, and it pains me to say it because I’ve been an advocate of his for many years, but I think it’s time, if not for the good of the team but for the good of himself as it’s clear the stress is getting to him. The President hasn’t looked himself in recent years and not to poke fun but recently he’s looked a bit tired and disheveled.

And it is for good reason as you can bet that all this Super League stress that is going on in the background is sure to take years off a man’s life, and with the project being a failure, for now, and Juventus currently going back instead of forward, I think it’s a good time for him to hand the keys to Juventus’ new Chief of Operations Maurizio Arrivabene and then Juventus can truly have a fresh start and a new vision for the future. So in conclusion, if Juventus are looking for a scapegoat for this season, it shouldn’t be a coach or a player, but instead, management should seek internally, and with a good end to the season and a strong summer mercato, the club and its supporters can begin to heal these fresh wounds.