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Opinion: Setting the record straight on Weston McKennie




People might think I don’t like Weston McKennie because of things I said before. But, honestly, when you criticize someone, it’s because you believe they can do better.

McKennie became one of my favorite players a few years ago when he signed up, especially because he was a steal due to problems at his German club.

Andrea Pirlo, the former Juventus coach, spotted his potential when he was at Schalke 04, but things went a bit off track.


McKennie got a bit too comfortable, and Allegri, his coach, noticed he wasn’t giving his best, where he even ended up going to play for Leeds United on loan, and it didn’t go well. But when he came back to Juventus, something changed.

Like many motivated people, when things got tough, McKennie fought back. Now, in my opinion, he’s one of the top 50 players in Europe.

Allegri and McKennie need to stick together because I see him becoming a leader, maybe even a captain one day. He just needs to find that same motivation as legends like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite some personal issues, you can’t deny McKennie’s unstoppable spirit. His story shows that even in football, determination can lead to success, much like the greats in other sports. With that kind of motivation, there’s no stopping this talented player.


Right now, McKennie is playing a crucial role for Juventus in the race for the title. Currently, Juventus sits in second place, just two points behind Inter.

McKennie’s performance on the field has been outstanding, contributing significantly to the team’s success. His energy, skill, and determination have become vital assets, helping Juventus stay competitive and maintain their position in the title race.

In recent matches, McKennie’s impact has been undeniable, influencing key moments and demonstrating his growth as a player.

As the team strives to close the narrow gap with Inter, McKennie’s consistent and impactful contributions highlight his importance in the push for the coveted title.


With each game, he’s proving that not only has he overcome past challenges, but he’s also become an instrumental force in Juventus’ pursuit of victory.