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Opinion: The legacy of Agnelli and what the future could hold for him




Andrea Agnelli’s tenure as President of Juventus Football Club has come to an end, and as we reflect on his time at the helm of one of the most successful and well-known clubs in the world, it is clear that his legacy will be one of sustained success on the field and growth off the field.

On the field, Agnelli oversaw a period of dominance for Juventus, with the club winning nine consecutive Serie A titles and four Coppa Italia titles under his leadership. He also oversaw the team’s success in Europe, with Juventus winning two Europa League titles and one Champions League title during his tenure. These achievements solidify Agnelli’s legacy as a president who led the team to unparalleled success in Calcio history.

Off the field, Agnelli’s legacy is one of growth and expansion. He was instrumental in the development of the new Juventus Stadium, which has been a major source of revenue for the club, and in increasing the club’s global following. He also played a key role in growing the club’s fan base and expanding its brand and commercial reach. Under his leadership, Juventus has become one of the most valuable and recognizable clubs in the world.


Agnelli has also been active in the wider Football community, serving as a member of the European Club Association’s Executive Board and as the Vice Chairman of the Italian Football Federation. He has also been influential in shaping the future of the sport, by advocating for the use of VAR, a technology that helps to make the game more fair, and for the introduction of the European super league which was proposed in 2021 but did not go through.

In addition to his role at Juventus, Agnelli is also the Chairman of the European Club Association (ECA), which represents the interests of more than 200 European clubs. He was also appointed as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee in 2019.

Agnelli’s legacy will be one of sustained success on the field and growth off the field, as well as his contributions to the broader soccer community. He has left a lasting impact on Juventus Football Club and has set a high standard for future presidents to follow.

He was once one of my Idols, An Italian business man and passionate Juventino, someone I looked up too, but with age I will admit that I have become much more cynical, and with reason, because as I get older and realize I am not immortal, I realize I won’t be here for ever and I’m running out of time before I can see my beloved Juventus win another Champions league title. Since Tiger woods won the masters in 2019, the one thing I would love to see more than anything is the club I’ve been rooting for since the age of 9, win at least one more UCL trophy.


I knew shortly after the Cristiano Ronaldo signing, if Juventus didn’t win the Champions League, it would all go bad because Agnelli had rolled the dice making such an extremely expensive purchase and signing, and if it didn’t go well, that could spell the end for our President. COVID, which was no fault of Agnelli, has to be taken into consideration, and has a lot to do with our clubs currant state, but even though thats not Agnelli’s fault, the Cristiano signing is still the bet he made and he lost massively.

I will always love and respect Andrea Agnelli, but in recent years he has seemed to have lost his way. A change at this time is necessary, but who knows, maybe one day Agnelli will be back. He’s not even 50 years old yet, still very young, and maybe taking time away from the club could be good for him, as he reflects on his time, and the bad decisions he made getting him to this point. This experience could make him a better person and executive. If I had to bet, this isn’t the end of his story, just the end of a chapter of the story of Juventus and Andrea Agnelli.