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The ups and downs of Paul Pogba rejoining Juventus




Pogba to Juventus: Ups and downs according to several reports that Pobga will join Juventus this summer. How does this help Juve and what will he bring to the squad? The Bianconeri have lacked creativity from the midfield with Locatelli being the only midfielder who has the vision to find a player making the run.

Players like Vlahovic barely get the chance to score goals because they don’t get much service so Pogba is a very important signing. Pogba is an expert in playmaking. He will bring creativity to the midfield connecting the midfield and the attack but his injury record is a bit worrying. Pogba has missed 89 games since the 2016/17 season, with 19 of them coming in the last year. Even with this injury record, he provided many assists last season which proves his playmaking ability which is why I think the club and manager trust him with the job.


He also has a great relationship with the current Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri and has won the Golden Boy award under the manager but I think there is more to this signing. With Dybala leaving, there isn’t really a player with a big following in the squad. Pogba has a huge fanbase behind him and this would increase sales and bring more fans to Juve. Rather than going for a promising young midfielder where Juve would have to wait until the player reaches a certain level. Juve wants to get back to winning ways immediately and wants a player that will have an effect instantly which makes Pogba the right player for the team.

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