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Paul Pogba is ready to returning from long-term injury

Max Statman



Paul Pogba, the French midfielder, is set to make his return to the Juventus squad in their upcoming match against Monza. The 29-year-old has been out of action due to injury, but is now ready to make his comeback.

According to reports by Giovanni Albanese from Gazzetta Gazzetta dello Sport, Pogba will start on the bench for the Monza match, but will gradually increase his playing time with the aim of being fully fit for the Europa League matches against Nantes.

Pogba’s return will be a welcome boost for Juventus, who have been without the midfielder’s creativity and vision in the midfield. With the Frenchman back in the squad, Juventus will be able to add a new dimension to their play and will be able to control the midfield with more ease.


The next few days will be a definitive test for Pogba, as he will need to prove his fitness and readiness for the upcoming matches. With the Europa League returning next week, Juventus will need to have their best players available if they are to have any chance of success in the competition.

In conclusion, the return of Paul Pogba to the Juventus squad is a huge boost for the team, and his presence on the field will be vital for the team’s success in the upcoming matches. With his ability and experience, Pogba will be key in helping Juventus to achieve their goals.


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