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Radu Dragusin’s interview with Romanian TV channel Play Sport




Radu Dragusin, known as Dragu to Juventini, is still only 19 years of age, and while the young Romanian international on loan from Sampdoria, got to see some action under then Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo, he has yet to have any impact at all under new bench boss Massimino Allegri.

Dragusin sat down with the Romanian channel PlaySport, where he talked about numerous topics, including his experience during this short period where he has been apart of the team Juventus Football Club team.


While discussing his arrival in Turin, he told the channel:  “Actually I would start with the end of 2020, which coincided with my debut in the Juventus first team. It is a moment that I will never forget, because that is where my journey into great football began get used to it more often, to understand how things are and how to behave in a locker room or in training with great champions. Overall, I would like to convey a positive note to this 2021. But I want to grow further, progress every day.”

When asked about playing with the best, he continued to say: “The point is that once you understand where you are and what group you belong to, you have to stay at that level. If you slip and don’t keep the bar high, you will eliminate yourself. Nobody tells you to step aside.”

When asked about adopting to Italy he responded: “In Italy you are part of an environment that creates the conditions for you and provides you with all the facilities to develop at the highest levels. Fitness is one of the priorities. There I started training using weights, taking proteins and supplements. Follow a menu established by a nutritionist. There are details that make a difference. I gained a lot of muscle mass. I developed very well for foreign football.”

He also spoke of his excitement of playing with such world class defenders as Chiellini, Bonucci and de Ligt, where he talked about the fact that there is a lot to learn from Chiellini and Bonucci.

“If I have to choose their advice, it would be to keep my feet on the ground. Bonucci is the director of defense, almost a playmaker, so many balls come from him,” said Radu Drăgușin.

“He [Bonucci] has a vision incredible game. Chiellini is a warrior, even if he doesn’t look like one. Watch him closely during the games and you will discover the hunger with which he defends himself. But after the games, he becomes the warmest person possible. He is the captain. of Juve, the man who gathers everyone around him. I would like to become half Bonucci and half Chiellini! De Ligt? A beast! Despite being very developed physically, he has incredible speed. A perfect athlete!”

On his expierence of playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, he said : “Once together we got the best results in a 40 meter speed test. Being the youngest of the group, my teammates teased me, but in a good way, of course.

“Then, while I was in the gym with the team, Ronaldo told me that he had called him the president of Sporting Lisbon because he was interested in me, knowing that I was in a moment when we had to decide whether to leave Juve.

“I told him that it was all to see, I did not yet know what it would be happened later. Ronaldo was respected by everyone, but he never despised us. You could approach him with any question, he was by no means an untouchable boy.”

And finally when reflecting on being coach by Italian and Juventus legend Andrea Pirlo he concluded by saying: “I will always be grateful to him for believing so much in me. He gave me the opportunity to experience the real world of football. He is an incredible person, we know what he means for Italy, for the whole planet. A gentleman, with a very elegant character.

“I’ve never seen him scream like other coaches do. His calm way of speaking was what charged you positively. And it’s interesting that he offered me my debut at Juve against Dynamo Kyiv , the team trained by Lucescu, his teacher since his youth. A happy coincidence! “.

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