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Raiola has no contact with Ihattaren: ‘I am worried’




Mino Raiola has given NOS an update about summer signing Mohamed Ihattaren. Raiola isn’t his agent anymore, but still worries about Ihattaren. The Dutch midfielder joined Juventus from PSV this summer and was immediately sent out on loan to Sampdoria.

Raiola hasn’t had contact with Ihattaren for some time. “I hope he finds himself again and that above all he finds the happiness to play football again”, Raiola said. “I am worried, yes.” Raiola isn’t Ihattaren’s agent anymore. He has been replaced by Ali Dursun.


Ihattaren burst into the PSV starting eleven when he was 17 years old. When coach Roger Schmidt joined the Dutch club, Ihattaren lost his important role in the squad. The two didn’t have a great relationship. The Dutch midfielder also struggled with the loss of his dad.

Disappeared from Italy

Ihattaren has an incredible amount of talent and only cost Juventus around €1.90m. The Bianconeri sent him out on loan to Sampdoria, where he hasn’t played any minutes. Ihattaren disappeared from Italy, but popped up in The Netherlands with a personal trainer a month ago.


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