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Renew or sell? Here is every scenario that could play out this summer with de Ligt




It’s all about renewal. The possibility of a sale cannot be ruled out. Perhaps to postpone, but not to rule out. Matthijs de Ligt’s narrative is complete, or nearly complete. Because although the Dutchman is dealing with the renewal of his contract with Juve, he is also aware that he is one of the most sought-after defenders in the world. He did not want the sale; he still intends to stay in Juventus for at least one season, but he does not want to rule anything out. This is why the value of the release clause is so important in this renewal discussion.

If Juve presses for a one-season contract, it will be for financial reasons as well as to keep De Ligt’s place frozen for at least one summer. If De Ligt is open to a contract extension, it’s because he realises that a sale right now would be difficult, and his release clause makes him unsellable or practically unsellable, since his release clause is currently 125 million and will climb to 140 million next season. De Ligt, on the other hand, would be able to control his own future if the valuation was revised to roughly $75-80 million. Even if it means the risk of triggering the same release clause being postponed by a season.


Interested Clubs- In the midst of all of this, the definition of Chelsea’s transfer of ownership will shortly allow the Blues to resume their attack. De Ligt had been recognised as one of the proper persons to build up the re-foundation of the defence under the directions of Thomas Tuchel, who would also wait a whole season to get to him, despite the wonderful farewells of Rudiger, Christensen, and most likely Azpilicueta.

Chelsea will make an effort regardless of whether or not the contract is renewed, leaving the final decision to the Juve-De Ligt pair. Not only that, but Liverpool, in addition to the Blues, has begun to take actual measures in the direction of De Ligt in recent weeks. With Barcelona, who will strive to blend in if true glimmers of departure arise for the Dutchman, on which he has already set his sights since Juve defeated the Blaugrana and PSG in competition. The market is beckoning, and it will continue to do so. Meanwhile, De Ligt is negotiating a new contract with Juve, which will keep him at the club for another year. But not excessively.

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