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Report: Arrivabene has big plans for the future of Juventus




Maurizio Arrivabene (Born in Brescia on 7th March 1957), after a 20-year work experience in Italy and abroad in Marketing and Promotions, in 1997 he joined Philip Morris Europe in Lausanne (Switzerland), first as Manager Event Marketing and then as Director and – for Philip Morris International – as Vice President. He was appointed Vice President of Marlboro Global Communication and Promotions for Philip Morris International in 2007 and since 2011 Vice President Consumers Channel Strategy and Event Marketing. Member of F1 Commission since 2010, representing F1 sponsors, he is  from 2015 – representing Scuderia Ferrari. From 2011 to 2012 he has also been a member of the Sport Business Academy (SDthere new COO).’ 


Juventini’s biggest questions since he joined the management team is the obvious, what changes will we see and what is the Philosophy of Juventus’s new Chief Operating Officer. Well in a recent interview with Corriere dello Sport we may have a clear idea of the direction he would like to take the club in the future, as he stated that he would like to take the club that would see them in the future make deal that see the club no longer sign players over the age of 30, thus making the a valuable asset in case of a future sale, he also added no more exaggerated fee’s for agents, no more contract terminations, no more hasty renewals and finally no more players on a free with unsustainable fees.  



These are some encouraging words coming from Arrivabene especially since Juventini online have been pleading with management for years to take this course of action, and hopefully that’s exactly what it is, action and not words because for the past 3 seasons, thats what it seems all Juventini were getting.


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