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Report: Chiellini positive for COVID, and are others affected?




This morning, announced that the teams Captain Giogrio Chiellini has tested positive for COVID19, which imminently sparked concerns that other Juventus first team players could also be invected, as earlier in the day Chiellini was seen at Juve HQ JTC Continassa.

But concerns were then immediately put to rest as journalist and Juventus beat reporter Giovanni Albanese quickly put out a tweet that stated that Chiellini, who was in fact in the building, was kept purposely away from the rest of his teammates as he was awaiting the results of his COVID19 test.

What may seem like some sort of good news, still has others concerned, as we now know for a fact that the virus itself was indeed in the building, where it has spread, no one can be certain, but for now we can report that everyone else appears to be safe. If anything changes we will be first to report.