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Opinion: Dybala is here to stay…or is he?




There’s no doubt that the Juventini community online has been buzzing ever since a report from an Argentinian Journalist said that Paulo Dybala was angry with the way the Club has been handling his contract negotiations, and would be willing to listen to offers from other clubs. This sparked panic in some , and joy in others who feel the club should go in another direction and know longer hand out expensive contracts to players over a certain age.

Doing what I have been doing for this past year has taught me to wait for the next day and see what the most reliable sources in Italy have to say. The first new reports came this morning courtesy of Fabrizio Romano on his “Here we go podcast” where he stated  “Dybala has a verbal agreement with Juve since last October over the contract renewal. There was then some problems in the final stages of the agreement. Earlier this month Juve told Dybala they will take time over the renewal and talk again in February. Dybala isn’t happy, the club will discuss the contract again with him, so in February he’s either going to accept different conditions or think about, it leaving him open as a free agent. At the moment this situation is still open.”

And again, Romano reiterated that Dybala isn’t happy and feels a certain way, the Club has offered €8M and the player wants €10M, in this world money talks, and with this being possibly Dybala’s last and final monster contract that he will ever sign, you better believe the player and his agent will make sure they get what they want, wouldn’t you? This is what gives me the opinion that there’s a better chance of him leaving the club then staying, because if the Club was truly serious about re signing the player, this would have gotten down a long time ago, and the fact that it hasn’t says to me that Juventus are trying to find any excuse to push the player out the door and when he leaves, it will be on the player and not the team.

For Dybala’s part, it seems his heart is with Juve, as Giovanni Albanese is reporting today “Dybala has indicated to his agent that he only sees himself in Bianconeri colours, he has not decided to leave Juventus. A Renewal proposal was verbally accepted last October, it did not get started immediately because his agent had to first define his position as sports agent in Italy to sign the contract.”


So for me this still doesn’t answer any questions, as it take two to tango, and right now it appears there is only one person on the dance floor and that is Paulo Dybala.