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Report: Dybala’s renewal dependant on Champions League qualification




Tonight Gianluca Di Marzio took to Sky Sports to do his nightly 11pm hit with the channel, and this time he brought as updates regarding contract renewals surrounding Juventus, and most notably the saga involving Paulo Dybala.

He told the channel: “Juventus have postponed talks with Dybala and other players for the next two months regauding contract renewals .”


He also implied that the renewal of these contracts would be a matter of the Club making it to the Champions League or not, as management continue to reassess the future going forward.

And now the story changes again, from last month when Romeo Agresti reported that the contract was 101% a done deal, and that the only thing that was missing was the signature of the player, to a few weeks later that the reason for the delay was the fact that Dybala’s agent was not licensed in Italy, to Juventus changing minor details of the deal, to Juventus changing their offer from €10M down to €8M, and finally now the latest Di Marzio report that states the Club is totally reassessing everything.

So one has to wonder exactly what is going on here, what is the true reason for delays in a contract renewal of the teams most talented player, that only a year a ago, this contract seemed like a slam dunk that it was going to get done. Now it feel more like a half court shot and for good reason, because as Di Marzio stated, the club is reassessing, and from what I have always thought from the begining seems to be the exact case, that if Juve do no make to top four and qualify for next seasons Champions League, then you can say by to Paulo Dybala, and maybe a few other players as well.

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