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Report: Juve grant Ramsey 48H leave to find a new club




According to Calcio Mercato via the website, Wales international and the often injured Juventus foward Aaron Ramsey, was granted permission from the club to take a 48 hour leave of absence from training in order to help find a team that could take the player off of Juventus’s hands.

Newcastle United, with their new extremely rich Saudi ownership, were seen as the favourites to land the player, but reports suggest that they have yet to persuade him due to the clubs recent form and fear from Ramsey that Newcastle could end up playing in Englands second division The Championship next season, as the club currently sits in the relegation zone in 19th place, three points away from getting out of danger.


Calcio Mercato also reports that if Ramsey stays at Juve past this season, there is a bonus for the player and his agent, which also complicates things even further and gives yet another incentive for both client and representative to want to stay in Turin, because if one thing is certain, Aaron Ramsey may never see this type of money again for the rest of his career.

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