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Report: Juventus are working on keeping Morata but a new club is trying to spoil their plans




There is one more stumbling block between Juventus and Alvaro Morata. Arsenal is the one who represents it. However, this is not a surprise to Juventus, who have been aware of Arsenal’s interest in the Spanish forward for some weeks. In truth, Mikel Arteta’s determination to complete his offensive with Morata was abundantly evident in the several contacts made in January to settle so many disagreements. Whether it was too soon or too late, Juve had opted to keep Alvaro at least until the conclusion of the season.

However, with the Bianconeri hoping for redemption at the final price, the addition of Arsenal complicates the strategies made at Continassa. Because, for the time being, behind the failure to open Atletico Madrid, Juve’s offer of 15 million compared to the 35 provided for by the right of redemption agreed in September 2020, there is precisely Arsenal’s thrust: on the table for the Colchoneros a much higher figure than that of the bianconeri, even if it is less than 35 million. For the time being, the goal is to offer 25, which, with incentives, might reach the correct price set by Atletico.

There is no match, put simply. But there’s a big but in there somewhere. Because, while it is true that Arteta’s tactical project could tease Morata a lot, even though Arsenal’s Champions League march complicates things, it is also true that he would earn much more than in Juventus (he, too, should review the current 5.5 million net salary of at least 20%), there are other factors to consider. Environmental, social, and personal. Alvaro has not forgotten the struggles he had during his time in London, even while wearing the Chelsea shirt, personal issues that affected him in every way.


While Turin is his home and where he and his wife, Alice Campello, are creating a family. And it’s no surprise that if he could choose, he’d stay at Juve without hesitation. This is why there is no loss of calm or confidence at the Continassa, and no upward game is envisaged. The move has been made, and they will now patiently await Atletico’s answer. It is connected to Morata’s as well.