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Report: Paul Pogba is open to a return to Juventus




From the moment Juventus sold Paul Pogba to Manchester United in the summer of 2016 for a then record fee of €105M, it seems a large portion of the fan base has been dreaming of his return ever since. To some, these dreams have come across as delusional, even when the rumours have been at their loudest.

But this season, everything feels different, and even some of the biggest doubters are starting to believe a return to Turin may be possible. Reports a few weeks ago from Rudy Galteti suggested that Juventus were exploring to see if there is a way to bring Paul Pogba back to Turin and are in constant contacts with Mino Raiola.

And that brings us to a new report from our friends over at, who say they have gathered enough information to be able to report that in fact Paul Pogba himself is said to be open to a return to Juventus and is “taking seriously the Juve hypothesis”.   


The website is also reporting that the desire of the player is  ” to go back to winning the most prestigious trophies, proving to everyone that he has not lost that leading charisma that has always distinguished him, is more alive than ever in Pogba’s soul., still awaiting renewal and struggling with a very long negotiation. His preference has always been Juve, his will is clear, to return to being a darling of all Juventus fans.”

The only thing that is stopping this deal from be a slam dunk from Juve’s perceptive is of course the figures, as it’s been reported that Pogba would not sign with any club for no less than €15M per season. A figure that may be a little too rich for Juventus management who are still stuck in negotiations with a player Max Allegri called their future Captain, Paulo Dybala. If Juve are not willing to pay Pogba the €15M then it is said that Madrid and PSG would be his next choice, as the two clubs have continued to show interest in the player.

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