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Report: Several Juventus players heard for false accounting investigation, what happens next?




The investigation called Prisma continues , aimed at clarifying Juventus’ accounts, at the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office , there was a great coming and going of journalists and footballers, as well as obviously the professionals. And with Chiellini, Bonucci and Cuadrado , for a total of six hours, talks with Juventus players have ended, of the present and the past.

The last is Sarri- In fact, if there are no other calls, the magistrates have concluded the round of interrogations. The hearing of Maurizio Sarri is still awaited. Juventus coach 2019-2020, who will most likely be heard by the Guardia di Finanza in the coming days. The magistrates are now convinced that they have acquired all the necessary information, therefore they can close this phase and let Enrico Stasi work .


The last step, before the investigation is closed, is the work of Stasi, an economic consultant. The players would in fact have confirmed the thesis of the prosecutors, thus saying that the agreement for the cut of salaries and the restitution took place simultaneously. Stasi will have to analyze the material acquired in the searches and compare it with the financial statements of Juventus.That is, he must understand if there have been any irregularities: it will take months, probably two, to close all the investigations. The line of prosecutors, which is important, the consequent debt position would not have been communicated in the financial statements.

What happens now? – Once the investigations have been closed, the trial will continue – process that will soon begin on the capital gains case, by the National Court of the FIGC: the first phase will start on 12, 14 and 15 April, via videoconference – and it will be understood possible sanctions and consequences. It is essential to remember that the players called to testify are not investigated, they have simply been listened to as people informed of the facts.




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