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Report: Three Super League teams set to relaunch project this week




F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus will relaunch the Super League after the first attempt failed. Their goal is to scrap their original proposal that had permanent members and make for a more competitive league.

The original format from The Super League website: “The Super League is a new European competition between 20 top clubs comprised of 15 founders and 5 annual qualifiers. There will be two Groups of 10 clubs each, playing home and away fixtures within the Group each year. By bringing together the best clubs and best players in the world, the Super League will deliver excitement and drama never before seen in football.”

According to The Telegraph, Juventus president and Super League Vice-Chairman Andrea Agnelli will likely speak about the new outline for the proposed competition on Thursday at a sports industry summit. He will speak for the three clubs and the new proposals that will introduce the new ideas of a more domestic league-style competition and the removal of the permanent members.

The Super League is still being pushed by the Spanish and Italian clubs, but UEFA has claimed the competition and shambolic and is firmly against the league. All original Premier League clubs have withdrawn and accepted fines. The Premier League has also made new regulations that make it impossible for teams to join an unsanctioned competition.

A document authored in September last year, the Super League will allow the creation of competitive clubs in European cities that do not have them, “for example, Dublin or Luxembourg – and their inhabitants – will finally be entitled to have access to premium club football.”

Keep an eye out for Thursday when Agnelli speaks at the summit and any news with the Super League.

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