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Report: Zielinski postitive for COVID19. What did Serie A know and when did they know it?




Thursday night Juventus played Napoli at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, and what should have been the main story, is that even with all the players missing for Napoli, they were still able to pull off a result away from home, but instead a new and more shocking story has emerge from that match, as Napoli midfielder and Polish international Piotr Zieliński has tested positive for COVID19 as SSC Napoli just announced and made it official. With this news begs the question, What did Napoli and Lega Serie A know, and when did they know it!

The reason this news comes as a shock to so many of us is because before the match, it was reported that Zieliński, along with his teammates Lobotka and Rrhamani were not supposed to be anywhere near the pitch on Thursday, as trio although vaccinated, came into contact with someone who was positive, and due to the fact they have yet to receive their booster, they would be ineligible to play against Juve and would have to quarantine.


Instead, thats not what happened, as Zieliński was allowed to play leaving many confused and with the latest news about his positive test, no doubt this confusion has turned into disappointment and anger towards the league.

From where we stand as Juventus supporters, it seems Napoli and Lega Serie A have some questions to answer, but don’t hold your breath because durning the length of this pandemic, the league has been none stop botching incidents like this while getting on their hands and knees to make teams like Napoli happy, while in the end it’s Juventus who seems to face the consequence for both of their incompetence.

No doubt we are in the early stages of this breaking news story and expect more details to emerge shortly, so stick with Max Statman on twitter and check back here on our website daily for updates on this quickly evolving situation.


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