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Nicolo Rovella: A midfield general ready to be launched




One of the main observations for me in that Italian team was the brilliance of the Andrea Pirlo and Gennaro Gattuso combination. To me, even as a Juventus fan I dare to say that there has never been a midfield pairing that complemented each other and fulfilled the needs of a team the way those two did.

Andrea Pirlo with his elegance in possession, great vision and creativity, Gattuso with his combativeness and stonewall like character who made sure no one passed through him were the perfect link between defence and attack for that world champion Italian team.

Little did we know that in the city of Segrate, Italy a small four and a half year old boy would grow up with the potential of not only Pirlo, but a combined ability of the world champion duo.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you Nicolo Rovella, Italy and Juventus midfield general in the making.

Having watched Rovella’s videos before writing this article, I simply could not decide whose mould he fitted into. Is he a regista, or commonly described as a deep lying defensive midfielder who orchestrates the team’s rhythm like Pirlo, or is he a traditional defensive tackling midfielder?

He also had similarities in play to Nicolo Barella of Inter Milan and at some points remind me of Alessio Tacchinardi’s aggression. I know many might disagree, but I think he would do equally well if placed as an attacking midfielder.

All those observations led to a conclusion that we had a complete midfielder in our hands. So far this season, he has completed 87% of his passes and successfully tackled 54% of the time. His discipline has been exemplary with only 17 fouls in all these games and only getting a solitary yellow card in the process.


He is a player who will keep running for a whole 90 minutes and who is always willing to get stuck into situations ready to steal or tackle any opponent with the ball.

Aerial duels can be seen as his weakness, but at his age with determination and hard work, it will not be too long until he masters this as well.

Our team Juventus today, need players like Rovella who are prepared to make the tackle, get in the way of the attacker and last but not least put his body on the line. He seems to be giving his 100 percent most of the time.

His versatility, aggression and creativity has convinced me that Nicolo Rovella is ready to wear the Juventus shirt on his back. What do you think?