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Should Pellegrini Get A Chance?





Luca Pellegrini joined Juventus on June 30 2019 but he never stayed at Juventus after being sent on loan to Cagliari and then Genoa. After 2 years, Pellegrini is set to stay at Juventus for the first time after rejecting a loan move to West Ham.


Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro joined Juventus in 2015. After 2 seasons, he was considered as one of the top left backs in the world at that time. Juventus considered him untouchable despite interest from Chelsea. In fact, he replaced Evra perfectly. His contract was extended until 2023. But ever since 2018, his performances hasn’t been his best. Fans have waited long for his performances but the wait hasn’t stopped yet. There were many rumours of replacing Sandro with Gosens or Emerson for the past 2 seasons. Should Pellegrini take this as a chance? What if we have the solution within the squad?

Pellegrini – Cagliari

In the 2019-20 season, Pellegrini started a total of 22 matches in 24 games for Cagliari. Stats shows that he has provided most of the crosses for Cagliari, providing 5 assists the entire season. He finished the season with 48 shot creations.

A year at Genoa

At Genoa, Pellegrini was also used as a mezzala ( twice ). He had a good work rate, consistency and stamina. He played a total of 11 games last season, providing 2 assists the entire season, he ended his season with a total of 29 shot creations.

What can we expect?

We cannot have a lot of expectations as this is his first season with Juventus. Although he is still young, we can expect him to start a few cup matches. This week against Napoli, we would miss all our full backs due to quarantine restrictions. Rumours are that Juventus could start with 3 at the back. We could expect him to play a few minutes. If his performances speak for himself, we might not even look elsewhere.

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