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Super League Update. Here are all the details, and new court date set




With the Super League continuing to pursue a new competition of the best clubs in Europe, they are facing precautionary measures by judge Ruiz de Lara on June 14th at the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid. The precautionary means that the founding clubs of the Super League cannot be sanctioned or expelled by UEFA. This applies to national leagues and all UEFA competitions.

The participants that will be presenting themselves in front of the judge are the Super League on one side and the Spanish Football Federation and UEFA. Calcio e Finanza reported the objectives of the hearing to be:

1. To find an agreement or a transaction between the parties, which would put an end to the process;
2. Examine the procedural aspects that may prevent the prosecution of the proceeding and its conclusion by means of a judgment on its subject;
3. Precisely fix the object of the process;
4. Propose and admit tests, if applicable;
5. Examine the issues that may arise.

Watch out for any future updates regarding the Super League and any developments regarding Juventus.

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