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Taking a look at the future of de Ligt and analyzing all the options




As a young but well established European football player who arrived in Italy with high expectations, as the leader and backbone of Juventus’ present (and future?) Matthijs de Ligt’s rise at Juventus continues, although with some bumps along the way. Even in the Juventus locker room, the Dutchman has earned trust due to his commitment to learn Italian quickly and his courage in always putting on a brave front, even after critiques or bitter defeats. In truth, a captain: not yet for Juventus, but already with the armband for a big percentage of Juventus supporters.

THE OPTIONS – A essential premise, but it goes to the crux of the issue: will de Ligt’s future be connected to Juventus? And how long will this last? It’s no surprise that the Dutchman’s name is towards the top of the notebooks of the English and Spanish big names, and Raiola hasn’t ruled out a summer goodbye. This third possibility, however, does not appear to be imminent, because de Ligt is performing extremely well in Turin and on behalf of Juve, according to


There is a desire to place him further at the centre of the project, evaluating a contract renewal (currently expiring in 2024). What could cause things to change (for the worse)? The standard off-market offer, not necessarily equal to the clause’s 120 million, but also slightly lower: 90-100 million euros would cause Juventus to pause, and they would then find themselves at a crossroads that – for the time being – is still far away.

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