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TATGATE! The tweet that caused a storm on quiet day




It was a very quiet Morning/afternoon in the Juve/Calcio Twitter community, where the theme of the day was about Lorenzo Insigne and his record MLS signing with Toronto FC, and everyone mocking the fact that it had been more than 24 hours since the news first broke, and was still the talk of the community on Twitter. Then I came along and spiced things up by writing a tweet that became controversial.

Read my article why Juventus should pass on Gianluca Scamacca here.

The name Gianluca Scamacca, the player in question has been getting a lot of buzz ever since a report that said the 22 year old Italian National striker from Sassuolo was linked to Juventus. I have been writing reports ever since the story had broke, even publishing an opinion article where I’m quoted as saying:


“Juventus should take a pass on Scamacca, but not a hard pass because as we all know by now, when the summer transfer window hits the market can change, and with possibly a huge transfer fee coming Juve’s way if they indeed do end up selling Matthijs De Ligt, then for me that would be the right time for Juve to count all their chips and reevaluate where they stand in the game.” Also with players like Dusan Vlahovic still on the market, it would make sense to wait instead of making such an expensive purchase for an unproven player.

Now let’s talk about today and the polarizing tweet. It was 1:51PM EST here in Toronto, I had just finished a 10KM run, I picked up my phone and read my twitter timeline full of people mocking the fact that all the talk was about the Insigne signing to Toronto FC, and I have to admit, it was also making me cringe, so that’s when I made the faithful decision to spice things up, write the tweet and hit the send button.

Call it all troll or a joke, but here is what I half kiddingly wrote:

“I don’t like these tatted freak show millennials. They think it adds more hoarse (horse*) power. Looks like a douchebag. Unlike our boy Federico Chiesa, this guy is not Juve material. Probably an ego maniac like Neymar.” 



As soon as I hit send, I knew there would be backlash, but instead of quickly deleting, I decided to be a man of my word and see where this goes. And what do you know, for the next five hours, I made everyone forget that Lorenzo Insigne even existed. Now tweets of what I said was met with a mixture of reactions, I’d say the approval to disapproval rate was at about 50/50. There were those who thought I was right and also people who were extremly offended. I lost some followers, but gained some as well, and was contacted by DM by friends who showed support.

I’ll admit, I was kind of happy to see so many people reach out in private and say they agreed, but we’re too afraid to say so publicly out of fear of repercussions, also known as cancel culture. After I thanked them for their support, I will tell you exactly what I told them.

I was wrong, Scamacca isn’t a freak show millennial, I used the wrong words, I have no problem with the culture of tattoos, I’ll admit it’s not for me, but who am I to judge, it’s a free world and you can express yourself however you so chose.

Having said that, fair or unfair, some people will judge you, and if you don’t think Juve management haven’t taken his appearance into consideration while vetting this unproven player, who they are considering to be the future striker of the club, then I’m sorry to be the one who tells you that that’s exactly the way the business world works.


Consider the fact that the player comes from a violent criminal family that he has spent years trying to distance himself from, I’m sorry, but a body covered in tattoos all they way up to the neck, isn’t a good look for a player trying to get signed by some of the biggest clubs in the Europe but is also trying to shed the reputation caused by his family.

You can consider what I said to be old fashioned thinking, but for Gianluca Scamacca, who wants us to forget about his family and be considered himself a talented Zebra, he should have thought twice before dressing up as a lion.

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and Scamacca is nothing like his family, he will go on to be a Juve legend, he will shave his head and get tattoos there as well while lifting the Champions League trophy. But for me, it’s just a chance that i’m not willing to take, especially with more talented and proven strikers available this summer and with the possibility of a huge transfer fee coming in from the sale of De Ligt.

Now if you’re the reader at home with an arm full tats and you feel under attack, please don’t, because my words weren’t directed at you, but if what I said truly made you feel offended, then send me a DM on Twitter and surely we can talk.


On a personal note, I hope Erica reads this. You are a special person and a fantastic teacher. The best Juventina I know.