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The beautiful story of Allegri and Landuci




In recent times Marco Landucci is the trending topic in Italian football. Landucci is the assistant coach of Juventus who took charge of two games due to the suspension of Max Allegri from the sidelines in which the team managed to score 4 goals in each of the games.

His recent heroic managing against Roma in which Juventus came back out of nowhere and then calmly moving forward in the Coppa-Italia in which the team showed an attacking level of football which Max Allegri himself agrees he can’t ask the team to do.


So, today we’ll talk about the Relationship of Massimiliano Allegri and Marco Landucci.

Max Allegri and his current deputy, Marco Landucci, first met in 2005 at a Fiorentina Primavera match. Back then Allegri was coach of Grosseto (Serie C) and Landucci was the goalkepper coach of the Fiorentina Primavera. They exchanged ideas and Allegri promised that they’ll one day work together.

A year later (2006), Landucci moved to Allegri’s Grosetto and became the goalkepper coach of the first team. Allegri left Grosetto during the season and Landucci stayed there until he reunited with Allegri in 2008 at Cagliari. His first time as an assistant coach.


Cagliari is where Max Allegri first put together his stalwart staff of: Marco Landucci (assistant), Simone Folletti (fitness coach) and Emilio Doveri (tactical coach).

When Allegri moved from Cagliari to Milan in 2010, he took Landucci (plus Folletti and Doveri) with him but as a goalkepper coach, since Milan insisted that Mauro Tassotti would remain as the assistant coach of Allegri.

In 2014, Allegri joined Juventus, and so did Marco Landucci, as well as Folletti and Doveri. However, this time Landucci assumed the role of assistant coach. He helped Allegri and Juventus to 4 legendary consecutive league and cup doubles in 4 years and a total of 11 trophies in 5 years.


Allegri and Landucci left Juventus in 2019. Both took a two year break. And now are back at the club to help Juventus regain it’ss place at the helm of Italian football.
There are many more heroes that work behind the scenes so that the team can enjoy great paths of success. Grazie Marco Landucci.

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