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The curious case of Aaron Ramsey




Every Juventus fan is familiar with the case of Aaron Ramsey as a Bianconeri player. He was one of the most high profile arrivals in 2019 but the picture faded to dust as the seasons progressed. The Welsh player is again in the news after making certain controversial statements about the Italian club. We at Max Statman bring you each and every detail of the story.

The statement


The reason why suddenly Ramsey is the target of the entire Juventus fanbase is the comments he made towards Juventus while serving on International duty.

Wales know how to manage me unlike Juventus, So i play many consecutive games with the national team, something that doesn’t happen at the club.”

The player praised the Welsh staff for managing him well through injuries while taking a slight dig at Old Lady for being incompetent in this matter.


Journey so far at the club

On  February 11 2019, Ramsey signed a four-year contract with Juventus, which officially took effect on July 1 2019. He received £400,000 a week making him the highest-earning British player ever based on basic salary. In total Ramsey has made 69 appearances for the club and scored 6 goals. It would be an understatement to say that his life at the club has been unsuccessful. The player has spent most of his time not playing after being sidelined with injuries. In the past few transfer windows the management has been open to selling the player due to his inconsistencies and consecutive injuries.

Injury Stats


Since joining Juventus, Ramsey has missed 19 games due to injury. He spent 142 days aside due to injuries. Since signing for Juventus in 2019, the player has suffered almost 10 injuries. The most recent being at the start of 2021 season when he was out for 17 days. It is no lie that the 30-year-old Welsh midfielder has been injury prone.

The audacity

It was pretty unexpected from a player of Ramsey’s stature to point fingers at his own club without taking in consideration the state of his own fitness. While he has missed out on over 50 percent of the total matches while receiving net 14 million in wages in the last 2 seasons, his comments suggest that he has no respect for the club or the medical staff. It’s not the first time that a player has been tormented with injuries. Many Juventus players have suffered through them but made astonishing comebacks as well. Whereas Ramsey has been getting injured consecutively. Not to forget that unlike club football, international games have a huge gap between them. So comparing the two is pretty illogical. To question the club’s competency in managing players is definitely a low blow from Aaron’s side. This could lead to strained relationships if not sorted out in time.


To conclude

The player has lost all his credibility with the tifosi after this entire episode. Ramsey’s career at Juventus being marred with injuries has costed the club and the player a lot. It’s in the favour of both parties that the player is sold in the upcoming transfer window. The high wage of the player isn’t helping the club as well since his contribution hasn’t been much. We can only hope that a nice offer arrives and the club parts ways with Ramsey. The money made from his sale would definitely help us strengthen the midfield more. Max Statman will keep you updated on the whole situation.

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