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The curious case of Cristiano’s body language




It was Monday 26 July, and Cristiano Ronaldo had just arrived at J Medical. The player who returned from his vacation to start his 4th season with the old lady , spent a few moments with the fans and then went inside for the medical procedures. Within 30 minutes of his arrival the internet was buzzing with headlines that had no basis whatsoever. The media was judging ronaldo’s body language and expression and interpreted that he was not happy to be back.



What lead media to form this opinion is still not known. Were they expecting Ronaldo to dance with joy or they expected him to scream from the Rooftop of J medical that he was happy to be back in Turin? I guess we would never know where the rumors came from but it was enough to tarnish a player’s professionalism.

The real truth

This photo was taken on the first day of training , and you can clearly see he is happy. The media would not think once before spreading wrong information for click bait but the truth always comes out. In his latest Instagram post Cristiano mentioned that “He is happy to be back at work”.


According to the reports , in 2018 Ronaldo left madrid to join Juventus because he didn’t feel loved or important at his previous club. So if there was even 0.01 percent chance that he wasn’t happy at Juventus , a player of his stature would have placed a transfer request. It’s pretty clear that Cristiano wants to stay and honor his contract and the management wants to keep him.

Allegri on Ronaldo

When asked about Cristiano in his recent press conference Allegri said


Cristiano? He is a great champion and an intelligent guy. Yesterday I spoke to him and I told him that this is an important year and he has a greater responsibility, because the team is young.”

The Juventus star player is vital for the team and there is nothing that could make him feel , not at home.

Fans reaction


Many fans got caught in the misunderstanding and believed in the false agenda that he wasn’t happy. While it was quite clear to others that body language or his facial expression was largely misinterpreted.

To sum it up

Cristiano’s calm and composed behavior was the reason for his stoic face , not his unhappiness. It’s very easy to jump on conclusion when the internet is full of click bait. But as fans , we need to trust the players and the club. We are fortunate to have one of the greatest players in football play for our club, so it would be highly unjust to doubt his dedication and professionalism. Each and every member of the club is here to work with full devotion and determination to undo the nightmare of last season and fullfill our dreams in this season.


Signing off with a beautiful picture to bless your day.

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