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The Dybala conundrum




The saga of Dybala’s contract renewal has been interesting and dramatic from a neutral point of view. It has all the elements, the initial agreement, then some backtracking, cryptic messages to the board after a good performance, the greed of the agent, and now possibly a betrayal. If you ask any Juventus fan about their thoughts on this saga, most would simply say they are fed up with this and want it to end.

The fanbase is mostly divided into three groups regarding this matter. The first ones want the club to renew his contract at all cost, as they believe he is still worth it. The second one wants him gone altogether with his various problems, as they don’t believe it’s worth it for Juventus anymore. The third one believes that the current reduced offer from the management is the most suitable one for both parties.


I personally belong to the third group. I recognize his value for the team but also the risk management undertakes with his current age and recent injury concerns, plus it also fits in with the new wage policy being gradually adopted by the club after the mismanagement of finances in this department for the past three years. This includes not giving the agents hefty commissions, especially agents like Jorge Antun, who don’t hold any other incentives for us in the market.


Many fans need to realise he isn’t someone untouchable for the club. Yes, he is crucial to the current team and we play significantly worse without him, but that’s because he is the only one in the team with certain characteristics that are essential to link the midfield and the attack. These factors can easily be addressed in the summer market with some intelligent and crucial recruitments.

A reliable report has also confirmed that his agent met with Inter Milan first after arriving in Italy. Now, I understand that these might just be negotiation tactics to hold some leverage over the club, but he could have chosen so many other clubs for this matter. Going to the most bitter rival of the club, while being the vice captain and someone claiming to be loyal and in love with the club is something that would never make sense to me.

I would still be happy if he signs the contract on the current offer but wouldn’t be bothered if he decides to leave as no one is irreplaceable for the club nor bigger than it. I hope other fans also realize this.