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The future of Angel Di Maria at Juventus is a topic of much speculation

Max Statman



The future of Angel Di Maria at Juventus is a topic of much speculation.

Although the decision to return to Argentina and play for Rosario Central has already been made, Di Maria is reportedly willing to delay his departure for a little longer, given that Juventus are in dire need of his services.


This was evident in the recent match against Nantes, where Di Maria put in a top-notch performance that showcased his unique skill set.

However, it is not just Di Maria’s willingness to stay that will determine his future at Juventus. The club’s fate in the upcoming Champions League will also play a crucial role.

Talks about Di Maria’s future at the club have been put on hold, as Juventus waits to know if they will qualify for the competition.

If they fail to do so, the management may consider further wage cuts, and Di Maria’s hefty salary could be on the chopping block.

Despite this uncertainty, Di Maria has extended an olive branch to Juventus in an official capacity. He understands the situation and is willing to wait until the club’s future is decided.


The mutual willingness between Di Maria and Juventus to work together is promising, but there are still many variables that need to be resolved before anything concrete can happen.


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