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The Underappreciated or Overappreciated Duo of Rugani-De Sciglio?




You don’t have to be a football expert to predict that both of the Juventus players that arrived back from their loans – Daniele Rugani and Mattia De Sciglio – will likely stay in Turin. All it takes is to be a Juventus supporter who remembers the not so old times with Massimiliano Allegri. If you are one of these fans, you surely remember the moments when sometimes, Allegri highly depended on this particular duo. ‘Mad Max’ was not afraid to use either of the mentioned defenders even in the UEFA Champions League, as they played 19 UCL games combined under the manager.

Was our Mister right to play them so ‘often’ as Juve fans complained in the past and still seem to prefer them to be bench warmers?


Let’s bring that up tactically:

From Allegri’s appointment to Juventus in July 2014 till the end of the 2018/2019 season, Rugani averaged 2.52 points per game in a total of 87 appearances. Daniele also scored 7 goals, assisted once, and referees booked him 15 times (all yellow cards, not a single red) in those 87 games.

As for Mattia De Sciglio, he played 48 matches averaging 2.02 points per game under Allegri. In addition, he got himself a goal and an assist while being booked 4 times by referees with a yellow card.


Achievements wise, Rugani won 9 trophies under Max (4x Scudetto, 3x Coppa Italia, 2x Supercoppa Italiana) while De Sciglio won 4 (2x Scudetto, 1x Coppa Italia, 1x Supercoppa Italiana).

After clarifying their stats under our old-new coach, do you think he made the right decision to let them play as he wanted?

Keep your stance, but stay unoffensive, Juventini!


We have all seen the friendly match vs FC Barcelona, so it’s obviously going to affect your decision on the two Italians. However, I would like the whole Juventus fanbase to be less abusive to DaniRuga and Desci! If you believe they are not suited for this team full of Champions, you also have to acknowledge the fact that it is simply not their fault they’re here. Quite possibly, they are hard-working players, which the coach appreciates about them, and is the thing that keeps them part of this team. Moreover, as you know, Juventus’ financial situation is not the best, so let’s accept the unfortunate reality that we need money-friendly squad players that have similar characteristics to the two we are reviewing today.

The next doubt that surely springs to mind when discussing this theme is starting/playing these two again in the upcoming 21/22 season? Yes or no?

To answer such a delicate question, we must take into account several things such as:

  • Both the Italians have been heavily involved in the recent training sessions.
  • Reports (via @_Morik92_ & @RomeoAgresti) are reassuring their current situations at the club:
  • Allegri simply likes these two defenders, and he will likely use them
  • Serie A well-experienced Rugani and rotation-able De Sciglio are possibly better choices to have than unproven new additions.
  • Speaking of new ones, arrivals could directly change the situation. However, no defenders are reported to be joining Juve anytime soon.
  • Performances of either Daniele or Mattia were not always the best.
  • They have not proven themselves in big matches that much yet.

What do YOU think? Are they ready for the 2021/22 Juventus? Are they being underappreciated or the exact opposite? Let us know your view!