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Tiago Djaló’s first interview as a Juventus player as he revealed Weah’s role in the deal




In his first interview since joining Juventus, Tiago Djalo expressed his excitement and readiness for this significant chapter in his career.

The Portuguese defender, who recently made the transition from LOSC Lille to Juventus, shared his thoughts with the Juventus channe after signing a contract until 2026 with the club.

Djalo began by expressing his joy, stating, “I am very content; Juventus is a massive team with quality and talented players. I feel good, and it’s a crucial day for me.”


When asked about his readiness for the challenges ahead, Djalo confidently responded, “I am prepared. I am working well. It’s a matter of opportunities. I feel good; my knee is fine. Now it’s time to play, and I am happy to be here.”

Discussing the legendary George Weah, Djalo revealed, “He called me and spoke positively about the team. He mentioned that he can contribute a lot to the team. His guidance was significant and helpful for me.”

Addressing the differences between Serie A and his previous experiences, Djalo acknowledged, “I have never played in this league. It’s a quality championship. In France, there is quality, but here it’s more tactical. I believe it suits me very well; we played differently in France.”

As he concluded, Djalo extended a warm message to the Juventus fans, saying, “I will give my all for you. I am happy to be here, and we’ll see each other soon.”


This initial insight into Djalo’s mindset and enthusiasm bodes well for Juventus as they integrate this promising talent into their squad.