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Trevisani urges Rugani’s inclusion over Alex Sandro at Juventus




In a recent interview with Cronache di Spogliatoio, football pundit Riccardo Trevisani delivered a scathing critique of Alex Sandro’s role at Juventus, asserting that the seasoned defender is offering little to the team.

Trevisani raised eyebrows as he questioned the rationale behind playing Alex Sandro in a season devoid of European competitions.

The pundit argued that, in the absence of Danilo, Rugani should be given an opportunity to prove his mettle. Drawing a parallel with Inter Milan’s successful Serie A campaign under coach Spalletti, Trevisani highlighted the merits of maintaining a consistent lineup, emphasizing the importance of strategic player choices.


Expressing palpable disappointment with Alex Sandro’s three-year stint at Juventus, Trevisani characterized the player as “detrimental” to the team’s aspirations.

According to Trevisani via (ilbianconero),  Alex Sandro’s utility has diminished, rendering him unfit for the starting XI. He advocated for a strategic decision to sideline the Brazilian, reserving his appearances for situations where no alternative exists.

Trevisani took a comparative approach by spotlighting Rugani’s recent performance, questioning the omission of the defender from a crucial match. In his view, Rugani’s commendable display warranted inclusion over Alex Sandro in the lineup.

The pundit’s perspective underscores the fluid nature of opinions surrounding player dynamics and tactical decisions within the realm of football.


It is crucial to note that such viewpoints represent Trevisani’s singular outlook on Juventus’ current team dynamics. Football, being a sport of fervent discussions and analyses, often witnesses divergent views from fans and pundits, contributing to the rich tapestry of opinions on team performance.

In conclusion, Trevisani’s criticism sheds light on a perceived discrepancy in player selection at Juventus, with his vocal support for Rugani echoing a desire for strategic changes in the team’s defensive lineup.

As the football season unfolds, the debate over player choices is likely to persist, adding an extra layer of anticipation for fans and pundits alike.