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Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office open investigations on transfer deals made by Juventus between 2018 and 2021




Juventus must face a new earthquake related to the capital gains case and false counting. 

The Saturday that has just started was to be marked by Serie A and, hopefully, entertainment. Yesterday evening, however, a bolt of lightning struck the Juventus world, inevitably stealing the front pages.


An investigation has started for false accounting and false invoicing, as we report. The operation is closely linked to the findings of Consob and Covisoc relating to capital gains, which had also led to the opening of a file by the Federal Prosecutor. The operations from 2018 to 2021 and various transfer market operations that have attracted attention are under review, in particular the reference is to exchanges such as Cancelo-Danilo or Arthur-Pjanic , as well as various operations relating to young players.

Ordinary justice and sports justice will go ahead autonomously. Certainly, it is not an easy matter to manage, that of the Bianconeri accounts, but let’s see what risks it can entail for the club.

In fact, what we have been told is that the risk in terms of sporting codes is that of a fine or a penalty, not too heavy. In any case, the story is destined to cause discussion and to stir the waters in the coming weeks, the case of capital gains, as never before is under the magnifying glass.


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