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Unmasking the political chessboard in Serie A




If you want justice and fairness in football, you have to create it yourself. The Italian Football Federation, FIGC, they ain’t offering it to you.

Football is politics and in politics other rules apply

To better understand what I am talking about, we need to turn to transfers with fictitious valuations. The use of fictitious valuations in Italian football has been known for more than 25 years and if the FIGC were to create order and initiate investigations into all suspicious dealings, it would harm themselves and the product they are trying to protect.


That’s why all cases end up as “cold cases”. At least until yesterday, when it was announced that the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome (on behalf of the FIGC) was now ready to launch an investigation into the Osimhen deal.

A month ago, the controversial Super League was introduced and subsequently Napoli’s owner, De Laurentis, was out in the media and stated that he would not rule out, that Napoli could be interested in participating.

A hidden threat to De Laurentiis, of not to go ahead with the Super League idea?

Most of you probably know the Netflix series House of Cards, where the dirty politician Frank Underwood, in a cunning way, plays his cards when they make the most sense.


Frank Underwood often came into possession of intimidating evidence that could be used against his political rivals. But he didn’t always play them right away, – he waited until it could help him best and gain him an advantage.

The Osimhen deal took place way back in the summer of 2020. In counterbalance to Osimhen, Napoli sells several unknown players for up to 100 times their real market value.

Yet, it is extremely remarkable, that after three years of trying to provide enough evidence to build a solid court case, just one month passes by from De Laurenti’s statement, to the prosecutors are ready with their investigation!

For a long time it did not make sense for the FIGC to activate the case, but now that it can be used to influence De Laurentis to “behave” as the FIGC wants, the case is brought back to the table in the political game that is going on.


Well played Frank “Gravina” Underwood.

Napoli surely deserve a punishment for this deal, just as Juventus deserved it this year. The problem with handpicked “justice” is that it does not apply to everyone and therefor as I said in the beginning, – don’t expect justice and fairness. If it were so, every team from Serie A to C would start next season with -10 point