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Update: Dybala contract renewal not a done deal.

Update: Dybala contract renewal not a done deal.

Late Monday night, Romeo Agresti reported that the agent of Paulo Dybala (Jorge Anton) was making arrangements to return to Turin in order to get his clients new contract signed, as all parties involved, including the player, would like to get this business done before Christmas, thus ending a saga that has lasted well over a year now, or has it ended?

Just yesterday, after another great performance from La Joya which saw him score a goal and pick a another MOTM award in Juve’s 2-0 defeat of Genoa, Dybala post game was quoted as saying when asked about when he would renew his contract

“I believe that the company (Juve) now has other things to talk about and to find a solution, the renewal can now wait given what is happening “.

Of course Dybala was referring to Juventus’ financial scandal which see’s the club being investigated by the Italian government as they are accused of “cooking the books” thus leaving the clubs future all up in the air.

With a statement like that from Dybala, and after so much delay, I see no reason to believe that this time, after months and months of negotiations, miles and miles of flights between Argentina and Turin by his agent Jorge Antun, that this is finally the time the contract gets signed. We have seen many tweets and  reports from journalists like this before, so this is why when I see such reports concerning Paulo Dybala, I now take it with a grain of salt. And speaking of salt and not to pour it in the wound, a new report has just dropped by Calcio Mercato suggesting that Liverpool has emerged as a team that would like to try and court the 28 year old to England come January as the player would be free to negotiate and sign a pre contract with any club of his choosing.

So what’s the truth surrounding Paulo Dyabala? After months of asking this question we may soon get the answer, as no matter what happens, this exhausting saga is about to reach its conclusion.




According to Luca Bianchin of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Paulo Dybala’s contract renewal is not yet a done deal. Discussions will continue with the agent of Paulo, (Jorge Antun) all through the month of January as Juve have lowered to term of the deal from 4 to 3 years which is probably the reason we haven’t seen the contract signed in the first place. 


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