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Vlahovic and Juventus: Contract extension talks on the horizon

Max Statman



The bond between Dusan Vlahovic and Juventus is set to expire in 2026, but the player’s salary continues to rise significantly season after season.

Currently earning €9M plus bonuses, it is projected that Vlahovic’s salary will surpass €10M in the upcoming season, eventually reaching €12M in the final year of his contract.

In light of this, Cristiano Giuntoli and Fabio Manna, the sports directors of Juventus, are planning to extend the Serbian forward’s contract until 2027 or 2028, while also endeavoring to distribute his payments more evenly.

This strategic move could also help in mitigating the financial impact of his valuation on the club’s balance sheet.

Accordingly, preliminary discussions with Vlahovic’s agent, Darko Ristic, have been scheduled, with Ristic recently spotted in Turin.

Both parties are believed to be open to continuing their partnership, paving the way for potential negotiations for a new contract.

With the end of his existing contract drawing nearer, Vlahovic’s representatives have expressed their willingness to engage in talks with Juventus regarding a possible extension.

This signals a positive environment for negotiations, indicating that both the player and the club are eager to explore the possibility of a continued relationship.

By extending Vlahovic’s contract and distributing his salary over a longer duration, Juventus aims to better manage their financial obligations.

Spreading out the payments would alleviate the immediate impact on the club’s balance sheet and allow for a more favorable arrangement in terms of amortization.

This financial strategy not only benefits Juventus but also ensures a stable and sustainable future for the player.

The sighting of Darko Ristic, Vlahovic’s agent, in Turin has further fueled speculations regarding the contract extension.

It is believed that initial discussions have taken place between Ristic and Juventus officials, laying the groundwork for future negotiations.

The agent’s presence suggests a mutual effort to find common ground and reach a favorable agreement.

Despite closing to leave the club last summer, Dušan Vlahović has scored four goals in the first four league games this season.

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Gatti close to Juventus contract extension and opportunity rises due to Alex Sandro extended injury layoff

Max Statman



In the wake of a significant setback caused by Alex Sandro’s injury, Juventus has found an unexpected rising star in the form of Federico Gatti, reports La Stampa.

Gatti is poised to make a definitive leap into the Bianconeri’s starting lineup, having already shown his worth in the team since March last year, and now, with the chance to cement his position for the foreseeable future.

The obstacle for the player with whom he had been in a continuous battle for a spot, especially at the beginning of this season, is that Alex Sandro may be sidelined until November.

This news was confirmed after recent medical examinations at J Medical revealed a medium-grade hamstring injury in his right thigh. Further assessments in fifteen days will provide a clearer timeline for Sandro’s recovery, but it is expected to take approximately a month and a half.

This setback opens up opportunities for Gatti, who is set to form a central defensive trio alongside Bremer and Danilo in the coming weeks. Daniele Rugani emerges as the primary alternative, while Dean Huijsen, despite facing challenges in Serie C with the Next Gen, remains a viable option for the team.

Gatti is expected to benefit from increased playing time, allowing him to further hone his skills and boost his confidence. His growth trajectory appears to be on an exponential path, with the possibility of even earning a spot in the national team.

In recent weeks, discussions have also revolved around renewing Gatti’s contract. His dedication and loyalty in rebuffing offers from the Premier League, particularly Everton, have not gone unnoticed.

It is anticipated that his contract will be extended from 2026 to 2028, accompanied by a significant salary increase, potentially reaching up to 1.5 million net per year.

As Juventus navigates this challenging period without Alex Sandro, Federico Gatti’s emergence as a reliable defensive option brings optimism to the team and supporters alike.

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Fabio Miretti’s agent reveals insights on his stay at Juventus

Max Statman



In an exclusive interview with TuttoJuve, Francesco Branchini, the agent of Fabio Miretti, shared intriguing details about his client’s decision to remain at Juventus and shed light on some aspects of the young footballer’s personality.

Fabio Miretti has had a strong start to the season with Juventus, showing increased awareness of his role within the team. However, at the beginning of the season, rumors circulated about a potential transfer for the young talent to smaller clubs.

Agent Branchini confirmed that many clubs had expressed interest in Miretti, but the player’s desire was clear: he wanted to experience a season as a key player.

Branchini stated, “He was aware that Juventus couldn’t guarantee him a starting spot, so he made himself available to consider other options.”

However, the Juventus management, along with coach Massimiliano Allegri and Sporting Director Giuntoli, explicitly expressed that Fabio Miretti was considered untouchable. His stay in Turin was thus confirmed, and the young talent appears content with his choice.

Branchini shared further insights into Miretti’s personality, describing him as ‘an old-school character’ who never displays a wrong attitude. Miretti has demonstrated great mental maturity and a fantastic mindset.

The agent also highlighted the crucial support from Miretti’s family and girlfriend, who back him without adding undue pressure.

Regarding the relationship between Fabio Miretti and Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, Branchini explained that it is a very formal one: “The Mister is the teacher, and Fabio is the student.”

Nevertheless, there is much cordiality and mutual respect between the two. Miretti greatly appreciates Allegri’s coaching style and appears to be in sync with his coach.

Finally, Agent Branchini spoke about Miretti’s role within the team. He confirmed that the central midfield position is the right fit for the young player.

While Miretti often played further forward last season as an alter ego to Di María with defensive responsibilities, he is now emerging as a modern midfielder with an impressive shot and superior football intelligence.

Branchini emphasized that Miretti always strives to do the right thing and play for the team, even if his goal-scoring statistics may not fully reflect it at the moment.

Fabio Miretti’s continued stay at Juventus appears to be the right choice for both the player and the club. With his commitment and exceptional mentality, Miretti is poised to become an increasingly integral part of the future of the Bianconeri.

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Juventus sets sights on Khephren Thuram

Max Statman



Juventus are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of young talent. One player who has caught their scouts’ attention is Khephren Thuram, and there is a growing belief that he is poised to make a significant impact in the world of football.

Not only are the top Premier League clubs vying for his signature, but Juventus is working hard to outshine their competition, according to Daniele Longo of Calciomercato.

Ongoing discussions between Juventus and the French club Nice have been taking place for months, with negotiations centered around a valuation of €45-50 million. Sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli, firmly believes that Thuram possesses the ideal profile for Juventus, one that can seamlessly bridge the present and future of the club.

Born in 2001, Thuram is the son of the legendary French international Lilian Thuram. Following in his father’s footsteps, he has shown immense talent and potential in his performances on the pitch.

Juventus intends to reach an agreement with Lilian Thuram in the coming weeks, hoping to secure the young midfielder’s services for the Bianconeri. Despite the Premier League clubs’ interest, Juventus is determined to showcase their ambition and create an enticing offer that will convince Thuram and his family of their project’s merits.

If the deal goes through, it would not only strengthen Juventus’ squad but also underline their commitment to nurturing the talents of young players. For Thuram, a move to Juventus would present a tremendous opportunity to further his career and learn from some of the best in the game.

Juventus tried to sign Khephren Thuram in the summer but believed that his valuation was too much and didn’t make a move. The Bianconeri are seeking for a midfielder and could make a move whether in January or the next summer.

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