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Vlahovic: “I never spoke to anyone except Juventus”




Juventus and Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic was in an interview with The Telegraph recently. The 22-year old player talked about his past and other aspects of his career.

In conversation about his future the Serbian stated – “I haven’t talked to anyone, maybe my agent knows something. I only have one club in mind because Juventus is Juventus.There is nothing more to say. For me it is an honor to wear this shirt, I struggle to believe it every single time I do it. I identify with their DNA. The personality of Juventus coincides with mine. If you play for Juve you never give up, you fight all the time, you sacrifice. And that was all I was looking for.”


It’s no surprise that Dusan is a Bianconeri by heart. During the winter transfer window, he had offers from clubs all over Europe but he chose the club of his dreams. With his dedication and determination on the pitch, the player proves why he deserves to play for our beloved club.

Vlahovic expressed that scoring goals is like an addiction for him. When asked about how he feels when he scores a goal, Dusan revealed – “It is the greatest emotion of all. It is something that fills me, it pervades me and so if I don’t feel it I feel empty. I have a sense of emptiness. Scoring is like flying. And once you feel that feeling you have to have more and more. again. That’s why I say it’s addictive”

When questioned about his idols and inspiration, the striker named Michael Jordan and Djokovic. He added – “When you believe in yourself, nothing can bring you down. Mental strength is essential and I don’t know if I’m really ready for that. The pressure? I like pressure, I like it. like adrenaline”

Just like every other growing football player, Vlahovic is also subjected to comparisons. Recently the player was compared with AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Dusan modestly answered the parallels with the Serie A winner. Vlahovic said – “Comparisons with great champions of 400-500 goals and 20-30 titles are not very fair. It doesn’t bother me, but it is true that certain comparisons raise expectations and if you make a mistake once or twice you get covered by the criticisms. We all have the right to make mistakes, we are all human. And I want to have my own career.”

Dusan Vlahovic is very important part of the Juventus project. The club is looking towards the future with remarkable young talents. The interview highlights the winning mentality the player has. And the fact how he is perfect fit for the Old Lady. The fans look forward to Dusan achieving great heights and breaking records with Juventus.