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Vlahovic outshines Lukaku – Numbers speak louder




In the aftermath of Juve-Roma, where Dusan Vlahovic showcased a stunning assist for Rabiot and Lukaku’s lackluster performance, the numbers are now aligning with the Serbian forward.

Though still trailing Roma’s striker by a goal in the scoring charts, Vlahovic boasts a better minutes-per-goal ratio.

The Juventus attacker has played fewer minutes than Lukaku due to occasional injuries or tactical decisions, resulting in a superior ratio—netting one goal every 153 minutes compared to Lukaku’s 170 minutes in Serie A.


Vlahovic’s Decisive Goals for Juventus

While statistics provide valuable insights, the weight of goals becomes crucial, especially for the central striker of a team contending for the title.

Vlahovic, with seven goals so far, has not only maintained numerical parity but has seen most of his goals significantly impact results.

Contributions against Salernitana and Frosinone secured four crucial points. He scored the opening goal against Inter and equalized against Bologna earlier in the season. Notably, his brace against Lazio showcased two exceptional goals.

Vlahovic’s Contribution to Juventus Points

Vlahovic’s goals have directly translated into points, earning the team at least eight points, excluding the pivotal play leading to victory against Roma. The long-awaited version of Dusan Vlahovic has finally arrived for Juventus.


While the 2000-born striker acknowledges the need for consistent performance, January remains a significant month for him—marking the anniversary of his transfer from Fiorentina two years ago and the recent surge in transfer market speculations.

Vlahovic’s Future and Contract Considerations

Despite recent speculations, the reality is that, after his standout performances, imagining Juventus without Dusan seems implausible on the field. However, economic considerations and the challenge of renegotiating his contract loom large.

Vlahovic’s salary, set to increase, might reach up to €12 million annually from June. Finding a compromise, possibly spreading figures over several years or modifying fixed and bonus components, becomes essential.

On the field, the number 9 has become “untouchable” once again, leaving the remaining decisions contingent on potential summer offers and the ongoing contract talks.


Source: Ilbianconero