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Vlahovic struggles to find form amidst national duty: A reflection on Juventus striker’s challenge




Dušan Vlahović, the Serbian striker currently navigating the complexities of life at Juventus, faced yet another hurdle in a recent national team friendly against Belgium.

In what could have been a moment of resurgence, Vlahović, however, struggled to make an impact during his 65 minutes on the pitch—few touches on the ball and a noticeable absence of shots on target.


His journey at Juventus had a promising start, marked by four goals in as many matches, including a memorable brace against Lazio.

However, since the encounter with Sassuolo, where a missed opportunity added to his goalless streak, Vlahović has encountered setbacks, compounded by lingering back issues.

Drawing parallels with his past season, the Serbian striker finds himself at a crossroads, where the challenge extends beyond physical fitness to encompass technical-tactical intricacies and mental fortitude.

The upcoming fixture against Bulgaria, critical for Euro 2024 qualification, adds to Vlahović’s conundrum. The question arises—will he feature from the start, or will Mitrovic seize the opportunity?

This echoes a dilemma also apparent at Juventus, where the Serbian striker seems to have lost his foothold. Simultaneously, Kean, also representing the national team, seeks to provide Allegri with solutions that eluded Vlahović in his recent outing.

With increased competition and fewer opportunities, the path forward for the Italian club’s striker poses both challenges and motivations. Dušan Vlahović’s journey unfolds as a multi-faceted test of resilience amidst the intricate tapestry of football’s demands.