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Welcome to the Max Statman official website. It’s finally here!

With the website finally being official, we’re pleased to announce the new ultimate centre of every piece of information reliably related to Juventus!


What can you expect from the website in particular?

Never-ending daily activity divided into: Mercato updates, We will provide you with proper reviews of breaking news from the most credible sources.Factual analysis. From players’ performance to the stats of the whole team and curiosities, all that will be part of it!

Exclusives: We mean what we say! In order to entertain Juventini, we will have some fascinating interviews with journalists and simply remarkable stuff in our stockpile.


Press conferences: Massimiliano Allegri and CO. will undoubtedly have some time spent with the press, and so will we! You will be able to read everything that the coach or perhaps another member of the team had to say.

Extra latest news: We will try to cover every trustworthy info that is out there. You name it! From A to Z, but still, only reliable reports, isnť that exciting?

Opinion related articles. Our writers love to submit their thoughts and discuss them with you, the readers, so do not forget to expect that too!All things considered, the website is there for all Juventus fans to broaden their minds about what is currently happening with the black and white club from Turin. Forza Juve, Fino Alla Fine.


Since you’ve seen what we have for you in the future, any member of Team Statman is very happy for everyone who support our different social medias, and they’re looking forward to continue to update you with everything surrounding our favorite club.

Max Statman himself told us: “First of all, I appreciate everyone who has been following us since the first day till now.

“We started this journey of providing Juventus reliable news a year ago, but the ride has been great. This is because of you, and we’ll always be here for you.


“I started the page alone, but now Team Statman is a very big and good group. I have different people who help me to keep every Juventus fan updated with everything surrounding the club.

“There’s Adam [Team Statman president], Bruno and Tonnio who are very close to me and the main members of the organization. All of them has done an amazing job and they played a great role in Max Statman growth.

“It’s not been a long time since we created YouTube channel, which has reached some great numbers and now we have a website to help us to continue this journey we started. This is a great thing to make us feel proud.”


Max Statman created on 28th June last year, and now the page has become one of the best in Juventus community as of today. They have 12K followers on Twitter, as well as they have Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Throughout the Statman existence, Max and the group proved themselves that they are one of the most important pages in Juventus community, especially when you say Juventus reliable news – you must know about it.

Forza Juve EN is the official sponsor of Max Statman YouTube Channel and there’s a great bond between the two pages.


Max Statman has interviewed most journalists who have proved to be one of the most reliable around including Romeo Agresti, Mirko di Natale, Gianluigi Longari and Marco Conterio.

Mirko Di Natale who has been in contact with Max Statman and one of his best friends has shared his thoughts after realizing that the website will officially be launched today.

“Congratulations to Max and his staff. A group passionate about Juve and the world of football, always looking for the most reliable sources to tell the transfer market. Follow them on their website,” Mirko Di Natale said.


Yes, some of those who are part of Team Statman has had his say about the new website, and how it feels to be part of this team.

Antonín Košťál [website and social media manager] said: “Well, at first, you might think that Max Statman’s ‘inside’ is a regular news channel like any other. Yet, this is not the case.

“It might sound like a cliché, but we are like a family here. You can feel the 100% commitment to cover only the reliable news for Juventini and not some garbage click baits in order to receive likes. We do NOT work in those shameless ways. I even believe our followers understand that this is what makes Max Statman unique.


“To conclude: It feels astonishing! We are a group that simply loves giving away solid information!”

Adam Pincente [Team Statman president]: “The Max Statman website is the center piece of this organization, something that has been in the works for a while and seeing it come to life is truly a dream come true for us all.

“We would all like the website to be an extension of the Twitter account keeping you up to date with all stats team news, thoughts and opinions and of course information from only the most reliable sources.


“This is only the beginning, a lot of work is going into this, but we promise that when all of our vision us complete,  will be the most fun and interactive website in all of the Juve/Calcio community. Max Statman is different from all the great fan channels in this community.

“We don’t want to provided you with just Juve content, but content at the end of the day that will keep you more informed about your favourite club our beloved Juventus.”

We’re delighted to announce that the official Max Statman website is here! Keep up to date with the latest updates surrounding Juventus by following or subscribing to all of our social medias..


I am seasoned senior correspondent at Forza Juventus, where I specialize in providing in-depth coverage of transfer news, insightful analysis, and everything related to the world of Juventus.

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