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Weston McKennie told DAZN about his experience with Juventus




Tomorrow, a full DAZN interview is going to be released. This time, with Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie. Here is what has been shared about McKennie’s answers so far:

Acknowledging what has he learned in Italy:
“I’ve learned a lot tactically. You must always change position depending on where the ball is. I’ve learned in many different ways that football is a big business and that if you can’t do your best in a club like Juventus, being replaced is as easy as being signed.”



The USA international also highlighted the differences between playing under Andrea Pirlo and Massimiliano Allegri:
“Pirlo has just finished his playing career, while Allegri is an experienced coach. It’s different when you can’t do anything on the pitch. Sometimes I looked at Pirlo on the bench and I could understand what he was thinking: I wouldn’t have passed the ball that way, I would have done better than that.”



Stay tuned for further quotes from the American, coming out tomorrow on DAZN.