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What is going so wrong for Juventus at the moment?




Juventus have made a very slow start to the new season, having won only two of their eight games this season. What is going so wrong for the Bianconeri at the moment?

If you’re Vlahovic, one of the best strikers in world football right now but you rarely receive the ball in a good position. You must be really fed up with your manager. The question I had ask Allegri is what is your  team doing really well right now, what is it that you can hang your hat on and say this is what we’re going to do. I don’t think you can watch Juventus play and come to a conclusion to what they do really well. There is nothing in this team that gives you the sort of feeling that this is a group that is getting better, improving every day. I’m not sure what Allegri wants from this side. This is really concerning to see.


I’m sure Agnelli, Arrivabene and Nedved see the same things as us, there’s a point where you defend your manager and there’s also a point where you need to be realistic. Things are not working, they don’t attack well enough, they don’t defend well. Some of Allegri’s substitutions make no sense. Allegri has always said all he cares is about winning and before they were winning but now he’s not winning anymore.

We saw Arrivabene, the CEO of Juventus, who was present in the City centre of Turin, having lunch with Benfica president on Wednesday. A fan shouted “Allegri Out” to which he responded, “Ok, but will you pay the next guy who comes after him.” I just don’t think Juve can afford to sack Allegri and all his staff and then hire a high profile manager. They haven’t got that money right now and also because the contract they gave to Allegri when he came back. It’s a tricky situation they’re under right now.

Things are going bad but I think the hierarchy knows they have to stick with Allegri at the moment and hope that something improves.

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